Tuesday, February 28, 2012

(Day 59) and so we celebrated.

Today was a normal day. Cleaning, feeding kids, putting them to sleep...

Cuddling them as soon as they woke up from their naps when they were still warm and snugly...
This picture makes my face look really fat, which I promise it's not and just normal

Feeding Brielle fruits for the first time...
Not a fan of peaches 
Applesauce was tolerable.
But rice cereal with mama's milk: fav

Playing outside in the snow...
Munching on some snow
But even with all that normal, today was also a very non-normal, and special day in our house. Richard got his MCAT scores back today...and (drum roll) he knocked that ball OUT OF THE PARK. To give you some sort of way to understand the magnitude of it:
--The school in Arizona (one of our top picks) said he needed above a 20 and he was in
--Average MCAT scores for Podiatry schools are 21 and at tops 23
--He only took 2 weeks of the first half of Physics and Organic Chemistry (both a 2 part class) which was just review and they taught him hardly anything. Those classes make up 1/3 of the test. and he had never taken them.
--Unlike most people who take months to study full-time for the MCAT, he only was able to study very few hours a day for less than 3 weeks
--And he had 2 kids, one less than 5 months old (aka no sleep)
Ok all that considered, we found out that he got a 28!!!! That is huge!! So with his GPA and MCAT sores, not only is he a shoe-in for Podiatry school (no pun intended...), but he is also a candidate for the most "high end" M.D. (medical) schools!!! That is the average score that students going to medical school has! I am so proud of him. When he was talking to the other students taking the MCAT, they couldn't NOT believe that he was taking the test without having taken Physics or Organic Chemistry. They thought he was crazy and everyone told him he wouldn't get above a 21. That's what we were hoping for. But my husband is a genius, so of course he went way above and beyond what people expected. He just does that.

So we celebrated by taking the kids to McDonalds for a fun family dinner/outing. Liam had a blast. He went through the play thing all by himself, played around and came down the slide by himself. For the first time. Richard and I looked at each other and with that look of "how did time go so fast" on our faces, realized, 
our little boy is grown up.
It's funny what the sight of your kid playing in the McDonalds play place all by himself can do to a parent.

(sorry for the merciless bragging...after all the hard work and worry y hubby and I have put into this huge test, I would say we deserve a moment of ridiculous bragging.)


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