Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just because

Tonight I finally have some time.
Ever since moving so close to my family and with my in-laws in town as well; Richard shadowing doctors and volunteering at the hospital constantly to make sure he gets into his first choice of medical school; getting things ready for my brothers wedding tomorrow; helping the kids (mostly Liam) get used to his new life and home and so many other big blogging has taken a 7th seat to life. 
I have so many things I want to write about.
--All about our new life here in WA
--Celebrating Liams 1/2 birthday
--Celebrating Brielle's 1st birthday
--Berry picking at my favorite place in the world
--Liams hilarious new sleeping habit
and so many more.

So many pictures I want to post. So many stories I want to write. But life is so busy right now partying with family, Richard working so hard, constantly taking care of the kids and before I know it the day is gone. I want to continue to document my childrens childhood and the ordinary yet beautiful moments, so once things mellow out I will get better at writing. Cause gosh dang it, I have missed my blogging time. 

But for now, I wanted to post a quote I saw tonight. Just because. Just because it's genius, the secret to life and  (confession time:) something I have a hard time with
Pure and simple.

So here is to living in the present and even better:
  enjoying everything about it.

More confession time:
I have a hard time not living in the future. 
Thinking "things will be better when..."
I hardly have a problem living in or mourning about the past, because it has made me who I am today and brought me what I have. 

Which one do you do?

...ok time for night night. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

a year ago today, my life changed.

A year ago today, my life changed.
In amazing and wonderful ways that I didn't know were possible. My life was enhanced and my heart grew bigger than I thought it could. That all sounds sickeningly awfully cliche, but that is exactly how I feel. 
Last year I had no idea what to expect.
What it would be like to have 2 kids, especially as close as they were in age.
I went to the hospital at the scheduled time for my induction having light contractions. And 4 hours later, the most beautiful, precious baby girl was placed on my chest (the whole fun story is here). Instantly I was overcome by love for her sweet spirit. At that moment the fear of having 2 kids in 18 months and having to share my heart with 2 babies disappeared and I knew I was blessed beyond measure to be her mama.
Little did I know.
I had not a single clue.

I knew in that moment she was special. I could feel her wonderful spirit from the first moment and I had a glimpse. But there was no way to prepare me for the way I feel about that little princess now a year later. I had no clue how special she is. How wonderful she is. She truly is the sunshine in our lives. Liam, Richard and I, as well as every single person that meets her, are wrapped around her darling little pinky. She brings so much happiness to each of our lives in ways I never dreamed possible. 
And if you are gagging with cliche-ness, get over it I am sorry, but this is exactly how I feel.
She is perfect.
And I am not just saying that.

 She (usually) goes to bed without a fuss and sleeps all night. If she does wake up, she drinks some milk and is instantly back to sleep. She has been like this from the beginning. She is always content, plays quietly, smiles at everyone and everything, eats without fuss (usually), hardly ever cries, and brings joy and light into everyone's life. She will be super tired and hungry but will play happily and quietly. But luckily she does have some spitfire to her which I love. When she wants something bad, you know! And she will stand up for herself if need be (ex: toddler brother). She is a great combo of content and attitude.
Little did I know how blessed I am to be her mama. I cannot express this in words because I feel this so strongly. I could go on and on about how totally enamored I am with my little princess. I had a neat experience after I found out I was pregnant, where I knew that I would be greatly blessed by the little girl that was joining our family soon.
Once again, little did I know.
I am so glad that one year ago today, she joined our family.
That we have been blessed so greatly with her sweet, beautiful spirit, smile and personality.

I love love love her blonde, curly hair!
First pigtails!

Some things about her:
--She loves necklaces and playing with them. She will swing and carry them around for hours
--She loves bathtime. As soon as she hears the water running she comes walking over as fast as she can and whines until I put her in.
--She loves ice cream TONS
--She loves playing with baby dolls and any other toy
--She is totally walking and has been for a couple weeks
--She hates being alone
--She loves the camera and is a total ham
--She doesn't like to be confined because she wants to be always moving
--She walks around all day and says "tickle tickle" in the cutest voice mimicing what people say when they tickle her
--She can say "mom", "dad", "no", "hi", "food" (her version of it) and "tickle"
--She is super active and wiggly which makes holding her almost impossible. She is ALWAYS on the move.
--She hates having her face cleaned/wiped
--She loves her brother so much and lights up whenever she sees him.
--She loves to climb anything from stairs, the side of her crib (which LUCKILY hasn't ended with her out of her bed), anything
--She is constantly smiling and giggling at people
--She always has wispy hair sticking out next to her ears
--She loves falling asleep with her binky
--She does a SUPER SUPER high pitched squeak that sounds slightly different whether she is mad or happy. But it's the highest noise I have heard come out of a human.
--Shes good at leaving her hair bows in. Sometimes she will randomly remember it's on and try to pull it off, but as long as I hold her hands down for a couple minutes she forgets and leaves it alone.
--She wants to eat anything on the floor whether it's rocks, sand, sawdust, you name it.
--Her favorite baby food are sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, mangos and bananas. She also loves spaghetti, pizza, apples, rice etc.
--Her bedtime routine is: drink bottle while being rocked by mom in a dark room, binky in, lay on her tummy and she falls asleep
--She takes one 3 hour nap during the day and sometimes two 1 1/2 hour naps
--She doesn't sleep very well though if she is teething or sick...
--She is very dramatic and if she gets hurt you hear about it for a long time!
--She walks like a zombie with her hands up and straight out to the side. It's hilarious.
--She is the biggest charmer and makes everyone feels special.
--She is hands down the cutest girl. ever. (until a sister is born, and then she will share the title of cutest girl)

Happy 1st birthday Princess!!
We are so blessed to have you in our lives and adore you more than you will know.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The journey to our new life

Last week, we crammed packed our car, locked the door to our apartment/home for 4 years, and said good-bye to our life as a student at BYU-Idaho, resident of Rexburg, member of the BYU-I 2nd ward and resident of Madison Park.
Right before we left! Kids decided they wanted to drive ;) JK...

 And we went from here:
The last view of our apartment as we drove away...made me sad :(

 To this 3 (long) days later:
driving through Seattle to get to the ferry on the last leg of our long trip
Liam LOVED the ferry so much! Water + a huge boat was so fun for him!

 And now we are home.
Back to the incredible green, cold summers, surrounded by pristine water and beautiful sunny days of the northwest. 
Always around family where the kids are in heaven.
yes. this is home. so incredibly beautiful.
 Note to self: Brielle LOVED ice cream sandwich's and would scream if she wasn't eating one :)

And in the name of record keeping,
This is always what happens with Liam near water...
His process of nakedness.

First totally clothed next to the water.

 Then finally in the water, still fully clothed.

 Then the pants fall off because they are so wet.

 Then they come off.

 And at last: the shirt comes off. 
The process of nakedness is complete.
My kid loves water so much and he is always in it and if I am not careful, the clothes always come off.
That process always happens when he's next to water. He can't stay out.

It was really stressful busy getting totally settled
(moving 2 kids to a new state is a lot of work)
But we are pretty much finished which is so nice.

So we are here.
Our journey to our new life is finished.
A new chapter has started.
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