Wednesday, August 28, 2013

To the rude lady at the hospital.

I got your letter on my car. Yeah, the one where you explained I parked too close to your car, making it hard for you to get out. I especially noticed at the end the big sentence underlined three times and written with obvious anger: "you are an idiot". I am sorry I parked too close to your car.

However, I think if you understood the situation, instead of writing a note to break me down, you would have tried to help. You see, my daughter was bleeding all over herself, crying in the backseat because she had split open her gums. I was a little very overwhelmed with trying to find a place to take her along with my 2 other little kids, having been turned away from 3 different doctors offices for insignificant reasons. The parking lot at the ER was completely packed and I saw that smaller-than-my-car space and took it. There were a million other things running through my head like: "I hope my husband isn't worried when he comes home for lunch and sees the sign I left on the door  because I couldn't get a hold of him in class, saying we were at the hospital," and "I really hope she doesn't need stitches" and "I hope my newborn doesn't catch something scary here at the ER" and "I feel bad for losing my temper at my toddler because I am so stressed trying to find a place to take my bleeding daughter" and "I wish her mouth would stop hurting her" and "its breaking my heart to see her in pain" and "I can't believe we are going to the hospital"... O and I was kind of in a rush considering the fact my little precious daughter was losing blood by the second.

I was fighting a hard battle. You could not have known, all you saw was how annoying it was I parked too close to your car. Yeah that is frustrating and inconvenient. I get it. But that little note you decided to write made my day just that much worse. That much more hard. It was hard to get your words out of my head. I wish I could sit down with you and replay my morning. I hope you could have seen my intentions and understood the situation.

I wonder if your mom taught you to hold your tongue if you don't have anything nice to say. If she didn't I am sure my face when I read your note would have been a good lesson. If she did, shame on you. And because my mom did teach me that lesson, I will hold my tongue and refrain from saying or thinking certain things about you. Because I am sure, considering the fact we were both parked in the ER parking lot, you were fighting a hard battle too.


  1. I really liked how you ended this blog entry. I wish more people would think along the lines we do. My heart is heavy for those that don't take two seconds to breathe and think of the possibility of others. <3

  2. Mkenna - you are a great Mom and I admire all you do for your family and husband. You did not
    deserve to get a note like that. Life happens and kids get hurt no matter
    how hard we try to protect them. It is sad that this world does not have a better health care system for
    people. Is it today the 50th Anniversary of the famous "I have a dream speech? ~Sherry


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