Saturday, March 3, 2012

(Day 62) Spewing thoughts

Tonight, in approximately 3 hours, my shift as single mommy will end. And I only have one more "shift" left. 3 down 1 to go. He is interviewing in Iowa either this upcoming weekend or next and then we are done with that part of applying to Podiatry school . So glad. The first time he left in December for his interview in Arizona, I was terrified. It's hard enough taking care of 2 kids (then) under 2 with hubby there to help, but doing it all by myself was more than I could imagine. It was rough, I relied a lot on other people, but I survived. Now, it's still not easy, but I am getting better at it. More planning and expecting things to go wrong, so when they don't it's a good surprise :) I am becoming a pro. 
But, all this interviewing has paid off. big time. Here's where we are right now:
--He has been accepted to the school in the San Francisco area and because of his very high grades and GPA, he has been awarded their highest scholarship ($20,000 a year...)!
--He has also been accepted at the school he just interviewed at on Friday in Ohio! They normally don't tell you until they meet as a board once a month, but they pulled him aside as soon as he was finished interviewing and they told him he is accepted and they also awarded him their highest scholarship (half-tuition a year which is about $18,000)
--The school in AZ is having an acceptance committee meeting in about a week, but it's almost a guarantee that he will get in, because they said if he got above a 20 on the MCAT he would be accepted, and he got a 28...
--The school in Iowa received his MCAT scores and immediately invited him to come to the campus for an official interview.
Now the hard decision of where to go to Podiatry school begins!!!!! So hard.

Liam has done and said so many cute things these last couple days. Tonight he wanted to play "basketball" while we put away his blocks and we took turns making "baskets" in the block container. We sat next to each other on his floor cheering each other on. Doesn't sound like anything, but it was one of those special little  moments I will want to experience again in the afterlife (i hope SO MUCH there is a way to experience moments of our life after we die). And watching the kids play together, make each other laugh, Liam running around with juice boxes in each hand, his sheer joy of getting to walk in the "deep" snow (which he repeats the whole time he is making boot prints), hearing Liam copy Brielles banshee squealing noise. Makes these past few days of doing everything on my own, worth it. But I have to be realistic. It hasn't come without simultaneous crying from the kids, them tag teaming their sleep (aka: one wakes up as soon as the other goes to sleep during the day) so I never get a rest, Brielle going through a growth spurt so she is eating twice a a night and then not going back to sleep when she wakes up at 6:30 (when she normally sleeps until 8:30). But that's how it goes :)
The other day, I was looking for Brielle's bottle and just randomly asked Liam if he knew where it was. And this is how our conversation went (still can't believe I can have conversations with my boy...he talks SOOOO well):
mom: "Liam, where is sisters bottle?"
Liam: "right there"
mom: (rather surprised he responded like he knew where it was) "Wait, where?"
Liam: "right there"
mom: "where? I don't see it"
Liam: "mom, right there"
mom: (looking around everywhere) "where?"
Liam: (getting up from the floor where he was playing and walking towards the corner next to the couch) "right THERE"
mom: "o wow! There it is! Good job Liam! Thank you so much! You are genius you know"
Liam: "O yeah."
...I had to laugh. He responded like "duh mom, of course I am a genius".

So Richard had my camera card all the way in Ohio in his computer, so I was able to take 2 pictures with my weak-sauce 2gig card I had laying around. Here is some cuteness I HAD to document:
Brielle loving her carrots
The kids loving each other...and totally not posed at all! I found them like this!
Sorry for the random spewing of thoughts. I wanted to get something on here since it's been several days since I wrote and I wanted to remember some of the last 3 days and write it down for journaling purposes. I just have to say, I have the best kiddos and I am SO proud of my wonderful, hot, hard-working hubby.
(ok now it's time to pick up the house and watch Downtown Abbey until I am tired)

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