Wednesday, February 1, 2012

(Day 32) Busted.

Liam loves art. Little budding artist. But maybe a little too much. I give him crayons (we learned the hard way with pens when all of his hands and arms were covered in "art"...) and paper, which he is good with. For a couple minutes. Then it moves out to the floor, the wall, the get the picture. He usually does this while I am cooking or cleaning, and I am catch him on the third or fourth progression. It looks like this:
1. In the act of decorating the walls
 2. Busted.
Mommy takes away the crayon like she warned she would
 3. After a talk with mommy about the appropriate things to draw on, he gets 1 more chance.
 4. Happy boy

On that note, anyone know the best way to get crayon marks off walls??

Today we also did other art related things (those and science projects are his favorites)
He painted with home made paints (flour+water+food coloring)
I love it when kids stick their tongues out when they are concentrating!!
And in other news, my week long stint as a single mom while Richard was interviewing at 2 schools is almost done!! I am so excited!! I miss Richard so incredibly much, and so do the kids. I am honestly proud of myself I survived! :) And good news, is it sounds it went totally awesome! 3 down and 6 to go...(except we are only going to interview at our favorites so he won't do all the interviews he was invited to)
Time for bed. The kiddos will be up sooner than I would like...


  1. We painted our homes with washable water-based paint. Not flat paint. I think they called it latex? Like for kitchens. It helped loads. Plus, we always bought washable crayons, markers, etc.

    1. They are definitely washable, but the apartments have "texture" on the wall make it hard to scrub off! :(

  2. magic eraser!! Maddie learned the same thing in those apartments!! Congrats on Richards interviews!! I remember being where you are. Love these posts by the way!!

    1. Sweet! Thanks for the tip! :) Miss you guys!!


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