Monday, February 27, 2012

(Day 58)The facts

It's the fact that...
I was tired today because I was busy laughing, talking and giggling with my hubby until too late
I am sore from literally running all day which enabled me to get so much done today
I was able to function today and actually get stuff done without a nap, even though I didn't sleep much last night
Even though I spent all day putting kids to sleep (one would wake up right as I was putting the other down for a nap), at least they slept well
Richard surprised us by coming home early today
Liam ate really well today and downed 2 pieces of my homemade pizza for dinner
I had just enough quarters to do all the laundry
The kids went to bed without a fight
There is almost no snow on the ground and it's almost march
While reading Liam books today, I found out he can count to 10
Liam loves his sister so much he has to hug her, especially her head (just like I loved to do to my younger sister...)
They are starting to play together and make each other laugh
This small, heaven-on-earth moment happened today:
"Yes, I might be cute and small, but I will still dominate"
I freakin' love this picture! He was trying to make her smile
Once again, smiling at brother
It's the simple fact that those 3 are mine forever that makes my normal Monday full of laundry doing, grocery shopping and house cleaning where I wasn't done and able to sit down until well after 10pm, and my whole body aches from all of said work, heaven on earth.
(sorry about the picture overload and the run-on sentences. it's late)

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