Sunday, February 26, 2012

(Day 57) Sundays

I have said before that I love Fridays best. But I can't ignore the fact that Sundays are amazing too. They might even trump Fridays for a couple reasons (GASP):
--Richard has no option to do homework so that isn't a knife hanging over our head when we are spending time together as a family
--We can't feel guilty for not doing the laundry, deep cleaning the house etc.
--We have every reason to just relax together
--We get to go to church and have our spirits feast on truth, rejuvenating ourselves for the rest of the week
--It's a day to start over and realign yourselves to do better in the upcoming week
Sundays really are the bomb (was that too sacrilegious?) and today was an especially good one. We were able to slowly start the day, napped while the kids napped, went to church and were spiritually uplifted in wonderful ways, made goals to do better this week (go to bed earlier + instead of watching TV shows after the kids go to bed, do creative things together + work more on our spirituality), had a yummy dinner, put the kids to bed, picked up the house together and are now enjoying the quiet of a clean house. And homework wasn't mentioned once. I say, that is heaven.
Hiding in a fort we made him before getting ready for bed. 
He was jumping and moving around so much in his little fort I couldn't get a clear pic!
 Yesterday, my sweet, beautiful, active, smiley, happy, cheerful, always-moving, social baby girl 
"turned" 6 months old!! I can't believe it. How is it, that only 6 months ago she joined our family?
It feels like it was the fastest 6 months of my life, but at the same time, it feels like she has been apart of our family forever. Maybe, it's because she has been :)
Hands in the mouth: a constant for her
I LOVE this pic. Richard was talking to her and she was smiling so big at him! She loves him.
About to get ready for bed
I am now ready to start the week.
Even with Richard having to take a hard test and another 3 days of being alone while Richard heads to yet another Podiatry school interview looming ahead this week,
I am ready.
Bring it.

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