Tuesday, February 21, 2012

(Day 52) It's ok.

It's ok.
To stay in your pajamas all day.
To take a nap.
To not do your make-up.
To not do your hair.
To not deep clean the house.
To not run errands.
To not even leave the house.
To not make an extravagant meal
And instead...
Read books with your son while laying on his floor
Dream of houses and rentals where you might live in 5 months
Enjoy the fact you already cleaned your house the night before
Take extra long admiring your pretty baby after her bath
Let your little man play in the sink with running water
Not let your body be cold by going outside
Just enjoy the moment.
Little cheezer. As soon as the flash from the camera went off he would give his hilarious smile without fail.
He loved playing with the camera remote
I let him play with the remote for awhile because he loved watching the light flash and then giving his cheesy smile

It's ok.
To every once and awhile slow down, take a breather and enjoy the normal "nothing-special" days.
Guilt free.
In fact, you probably should.

1 comment:

  1. ...cuz that's when you have those melt your heart, fill your heart with joy, special moments. :)


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