Wednesday, February 8, 2012

(Day 39) 730 days

Exactly17,520 hours (well in a couple minutes)
730 days,
2 years.
minutes after his birth
All 9 1/2 pounds of cuteness
2 years ago, my sweet little man Liam was born. 
My sweet, wonderful, kind, best-big-brother-ever, spot-loving, active, independent, stubborn, obedient, mommies-boy, hilarious, active, curious, and social little best friend.
It's hard to believe that was 2 years ago. In two different ways.
It seems like they have flown by but also like he has been a part of my entire life.
And in ways and to extremes there are no words for,
He is everything to me. 
Yes we are planning on cutting his hair...soon...
Liam chose her outfit! haha...
She is my everything too
We had a Delicious pot roast and mashed potatoes for dinner...yum!!
Talking to his little aunts and uncles after "eating" (more like licking) his cake
It was a good day celebrating his birth day!
-We had a YUMMY breakfast of his favorites bacon, strawberries and french toast
-Liam and I played and drew pictures before his nap
-We bought him a special star balloon After nap
-I made him a cute monkey cake which he destroyed with a fork and his finger during dinner (which he did sneakily while no one was watching...) before I could get a picture.
-We had my sister and her husband over for pot roast and mashed potatoes: his favorite dinner
-We "Skyped" with my family while he blew out his candles and "ate" his cake
(well he only licked the frosting)
While we set-up the skype, we practiced blowing out candles, which was his favorite part of the evening! I will post a cute video of it tomorrow
-Loved blowing out the candles
-had to take a bath cause he was covered in icing (the only part of the cake he ate)
-He sang along with me while I sang "Happy Birthday" to him one last time before he fell asleep and it was the cutest thing EVER!

2 years ago, my life changed. forever.
2 years ago, I fell in love instantly in ways I never knew was possible.
2 years ago, one of my favorite days of my whole life,
my best friend (other than his daddy and sister) and little boy was born.


  1. You have such a precious family.

  2. Love the pics of the 3 of you! Glad he had a great birthday too!


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