Tuesday, February 7, 2012

(Day 38) My paycheck

Part of Liam's bedtime routine is reading books while he drinks some milk before bed. It is our special time that we both love. The other day, he wanted Brielle to be there while we read. He had Richard put her on my lap and he was in heaven. He put his arm around her, held her hand and had her as close to him as possible. 
It was so sweet.
Lol...Liams face is epic. My favorite part of this pic: them holding hands :)

Love them holding hands in this picture :)
Holding them on my lap, reading books to them while they cuddled and held hands, was one of those mommy payoff moments. Their little bodies on my lap, holding them as close as I could and that little moment with both of them was my "pay check". Long nights, running all over the place taking care of them, no break....mommy hood is wonderful but not a walk in the park. 
But it is during those kind of little moments that the "hard" parts of mommy hood fade, and my emotional bank account is filled. 
Those kind of sweet, little moments with my kids are the paycheck for my 24 hour, 7 days a week, sometimes emotionally, psychically and mentally draining job.
It is during those little times, that my heart is so full of joy, love and happiness,
 it feels like it will explode

p.s. Richard found out from a school he interviewed with last week that they accepted him!!! I am so proud of him! We are waiting to hear from several other schools when they make their decision at the end of the month to make our final decision where we are headed in the fall. I can't believe this part of our life is about to happen!! So excited.

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