Monday, February 6, 2012

(Day 36) My sweet Bri-Bee

 There is something so wonderful about having a boy and a girl.
I love seeing the differences between the two of them, their little quirks that come from the difference in their genders. 
Like how Brielle is more sensitive and Liam is competitive.

But the sweetness of my little "Bri-Bee" girl (our nickname for her) makes my heart want to explode.
The sweetness of her radiating feminine spirit makes me crazy! She has everyone in our family totally wrapped around her cute little finger! Liam is crazy in love with her and every time he sees her he gives her a huge hug and kiss.
It isn't that Liam doesn't just ooze sweetness from his little spirit, but the sweetness of a little girl is somehow different. And I love seeing and feeling the difference in the sweetness of their little spirits.
Can you blame our out-of-this-world adoration for our little blonde haired, blue eyed beauty?!
This is what we get every time we look at her:
Love this girl.
Without fail, she gives us huge open mouth smiles whenever we look at her. 

She is such a good girl too! She will sit on the floor or in her exerciser chair totally content playing and babbling while I take care of her brother or clean the house. She hardly ever cries (unless she is tired or lonely) and it's so nice! She is so happy and so loving and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.
I love her concentrating face!
baby double chin: nom nom...just want to munch them!
I didn't do anything to her eyes! They are so pretty!
Some of the fun things/traits she does right now:
--Squeals and babbles all the time
--Has a cute raspy little voice
--Loves to lay on her back then instantly turns onto her tummy
--Falls asleep after babbling and talking (as long as she isn't over tired)
--Loves her binky and is so funny when she is going for it after it falls out with her mouth wide open and her body lunging towards it
--She Is SUPER active! She is constantly moving and it's hard to hold her because she is always lunging her body every where! I think we have another kid who will keep us going and running!
--She loves to grab anything other people have
--She loves bath time, but it's hard to bathe her because she is so active and moving all over the place!
--She loves to play with her tongue and smacks it against her lips
--She doesn't cry when she get hungry so I have to watch the clock to make sure she doesn't go to long in between feedings! she is such a good baby!!
--She is SO social!!!! If there aren't people around, she will whine until someone comes into the room to be with her! She is just like her mama ;)
--She is the light and joy of our lives. 
Seriously, she brings so much happiness to us! 
i just love love love my baby girl!!!

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  1. She is so beautiful, and those eyes.....WOW! So blue!


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