Monday, February 13, 2012

(Day 44) "The" hat

There is a little bear hate that I adore. It is so cute! 
Liam wore it for a long time and it was so sad to me when he grew out of it and couldn't wear it anymore. Today we were going out and as I went to grab a hat for Brielle, I saw "the" bear hat. Excitedly, I put it on and she was just as cute wearing it, as Liam was. So darling! This is a piece of their clothing that I will save forever and have a lot of good memories of them wearing it. I love my babies.
Poor Bri-Bee is sick, which is why she isn't smiling. I will get more smiling pictures of her in the hat later :)
Liam thought she looked so cute and had to hug her. She was a little scared...

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