Tuesday, March 12, 2013

For the love of a hat

Starting around December of 2012, Brielle all of a sudden developed a new passion.
She would run up to us and ask us to put anything from a dish towel to a shirt to a conventional hat on her head and if it fell off, she would scream until we put it back. And that has never ended. Her obsession with hats is pretty unreal, hilarious and the most darling thing ever. Wearing a hat, running around the house and "talking"  and usually in dress up clothes, is the most common way to find our little princess. If we are out at the store, she loves to wear a hat and even more so, loves to watch herself in the mirror wearing said hat. 
This one has a funny story.
Richard put her on his shoulders and she instantly took his hat off, and put it on her, like so.
She made everyone around her laugh hysterically. Including us.

And brother joining in on the fun

...see I wasn't kidding.

It is so fun to watch the personalities of your children develop and see how they are so unique, with their own little quirks. Her little personality has boomed in the last couple months, and she definitely has such a strong, fiery, hilarious, independent little spirit. I hope this obsession lasts for a long time, because it is so fun to see her little body running around the house with her pink cowboy hat or princess hat on. She is such a girl! And golly gee, I love that girl

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  1. Haha! I love that! Gage has a thing for shoes, so I totally get this.


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