Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cook time: 67 days

I can't believe that the end is getting closer and closer! I said it before with Liam and Brielle but holy cow I am reeling with how fast this pregnancy has gone! I am more than 2/3rds done and I have only 67 days left and that seems crazy!! Easily less too!! The cooking time of this bun will be done in no time
(p.s. sorry about the corny title...couldn't come up with something else that wasn't super boring)
Things have been going so good! With Brielle by this point in my pregnancy my hips and lower back hurt SO bad I was almost incapacitated. I went to the doc pretty much in tears around 33 weeks and he told me that the only thing that would have helped was having muscle to keep my hips in, so since I didn't have that (because I hadn't exercised all pregnancy) the only thing he could do was prescribe me a very strong pain killer (which I didn't take). That was horrible. Anyways, so this time my #1 goal was to exercise to strengthen my hips in hope that wouldn't happen again. I started exercising everyday starting at 21 weeks (was too sick up until 14 weeks and then we didn't have exercise stuff until 21 weeks) and it has been AWESOME! I am hooked. I do elliptical for like 40 mins and 10-15 mins of yoga specifically designed to strengthen hips during pregnancy. The difference is INCREDIBLE! I haven't exercised the last week because I was on the verge of getting sick and my hips have been hurting. But as soon as I exercise, the pain is basically gone. Its amazing. I mean I have to be careful not to sit or stand too long, and sometimes it does hurt, but nothing like my last pregnancy. Plus I feel so much better after exercising and my endurance is so much higher. I am doing this every pregnancy from now on ;)
Anyways, my doc appointments have been perfect and event-less. My weight gain has been on track for me to gain 5 pounds less than my other pregnancies, my blood pressure is super low like normal (the nurse comments on how super low it is everytime), baby girls heartbeat has been perfect, my blood sugar is really low again etc. Baby girl is SUPER active, and I would say my most active baby yet (yikes...) almost constantly jumping and moving! Good thing I love love love feeling babies move! She keeps me up at night she moves so much and is the most active around 9-10 at night. My heartburn has been worse but luckily tums makes it go away.
Liam is SOOOO excited for her to be born. He rubs my belly and tells her how much he loves her, introduces me and the baby to strangers and talks all the time about how she is his best friend. Its so incredibly cute. I need to write things down he says about her! Of course Brielle is so young she is totally clueless ;)
Here are some pics we took today including Liam wanting to be in the pictures (so we took some real "mommy and Liam" pictures) and 2 belly pics because I couldn't decide between jacket on or off ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pity Little Princess

Anyone who knows me knows I am very girly. Just to give you an idea, my wedding colors were hot pink, black and silver. And I was barely 19 when I implemented those colors into my wedding, not 5... anyways, just like her mama, Brielle is such a girly girl! And I am so glad, because I speak "girly girl"! She loves running around with necklaces and skirts on, with a purse on her arm. My favorite thing she says right now is pretty, but of course it sounds like "pity" :) Anything pink, frilly, pretty or girly is declared "pity" in her cute, high-pitched voice! She also loves to dance and will dance to anything that remotely resembles music! We will definitely be starting her in dance classes asap :) 
I never knew how wonderful it would be to have a girl, and I am so excited to have another one coming in 2 1/2 months (or less...)! Of course, as I have said before, I love having boys and girls because they are both so wonderful in their different ways. And I am so thankful that I have been given the opportunity to raise both a boy and girl(s). But I sure love having a girl! Even with all her extra drama & spunk that comes with being a lady ;)
She is our pity, pity little princess!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Having just moved from southeastern Idaho where I disliked the constant snow (its beautiful at first, but hard when you need to get things done), I can't believe I am about to say this. But up until now I was so bummed it hadn't snowed here is WA yet because I knew the kids would love it! Plus it is SOOOO beautiful here when it snows! Today I got my wish, and it finally snowed! The kids extreme excitement did not disappoint AT ALL. They were darling, squealing with excitement the whole time! 
This was Brielle's first real time in the snow and at first she was a little hesitant being in it, and just wanted to watch from the porch. Once she warmed up to it and decided she loved it, she played in it until I dragged her in for her nap. Of course liam instantly knew what to do and started making (and throwing) snow balls as soon as he got in the snow! They had a blast and both of them crashed (took naps) as soon as the fun was over.
I am so glad it finally snowed, and still coming down, because it is SO beautiful outside now! Not that it wasn't before :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just what I needed.

Parenting is wonderful. I love it so much more than I ever thought. But just like everything in life, there are certain aspects about it that can be just downright hard. Like figuring out how to discipline each individual child, how to teach them the hard, but necessary, life lessons etc. I have been having an interesting time with the last one with Liam lately, and there are moments I feel like a failure. But I know that the things I am teaching him are very important and necessary, and I pray constantly to know how to teach him the things I need to, in the way he needs. Anyways, point is it can at times be exhausting and discouraging, especially with an intense 2 year old (he's just like his mama). Luckily he is such a good boy, because I know it could be so much harder. I am so grateful he is a good, loving little boy. But he is intense in all he does, loving people, being very happy and in other areas ;)
But the other day I was sitting at the table helping Brielle eat dinner and Liam brought something to me. He was very adamant that I notice and read it, requesting that I keep it safe. I glanced at it to notice it was a letter my sister had written so I was curious why he brought it me. It was the sweetest, most heartfelt letter that Liam dictated and my sister wrote down for him. She said there was absolutely no leading on what to say from her, all she did was honor his request to write it down as he said it ( still my heart). This is what it said: 
Dear mommy,
This is for you. I love you mommy. You are the best mommy in the whole world!
Love, Liam
The sweet, simple, reassuring words touched my heart so strongly and was JUST what I needed.
While aspects of parenting can be difficult, it is still very wonderful and beautiful. And I am so glad that my little kiddos are the wonderful, amazing, sweet little's that they are. But that little note "written" by my little man was the reassurance that I am in fact succeeding, even though it might not feel like it sometimes. 
And silly as it sounds, I keep that little note close by for those moments I don't feel like the "best mommy"...
Golly gee I love my little's more than I can comprehend.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Resolutions, you have been replaced.

With the beginning of the year, I couldn't help but think of my resolutions. What do I want to accomplish this year? What do I want to do differently? Who do I want to be this year? I instantly knew some things I wanted to do better with in general, but when I thought of this year specifically, I became overwhelmed. Every time I think about this upcoming year that tends to happen. Anxious. Unknown. Scared. Excited.
Why you ask?
Come March I will have 3 kids 3 years and younger.
Come June we with be moving to a whole new city.
Come August I will be a medical school induced single mom.
A lot of changes, wonderful changes, but things I cannot truly prepare for, because I have no idea what to expect.
That became my dilemma: how do I make resolutions when I have never experienced the things that are coming and don't know what to expect? Especailly when most of them are INFAMOUSLY difficult. I am a big-time planner and my conundrum really stressed me out.
The other day, I was on the elliptical exercising and decided to read elder Marcus B. Nash's talk in the October 2012 conference called "By Faith All Things Are Fulfilled". I read one line that stood out to me and stopped me in my place: "with God’s help, nothing is impossible." And it's beautiful simplicity hit me. By relying on Heavenly Father and doing those things that allow me to be lead by him, ALL things are possible. Including surviving a medical school going hubby with 3 very young kids. 
So that became my motto for 2013: With God's help, NOTHING is impossible.
And with that as my motto, resolutions followed. Like: read my Scriptures for at least 15 mins a day, pray fervently everyday, be more patient, be a wife that my husband enjoys being around, exercise everyday, keep a journal etc.
So while, honestly, the thought of what will happen this year is simultaneously exciting AND terrifying, I feel prepared. I feel armed. I know that by relying on Heavenly Fathers help, I will survive and even flourish. 
So 2013, bring it on. I am prepared.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

For the beauty of the earth

Yesterday we started the new year out right and visited my FAVORITE place on earth as a family (except brielle who going down for a nap as we left and Richard who stayed with her and worked). It is the most serene, beautiful, huge, clear lake about an hour away that I could spend everyday at and it would still take my breath away from its beauty. I would love to own a lakefront cabin there someday. Liam also loved it and kept saying "its amazing here!" And "so beautiful!". He is definitely my boy.
I meant to bring my nice Nikon DSLR and forgot it last minute, so all I have are my less than decent phone pictures. They don't even begin to do that place justice.
The pacific Northwest really is the prettiest place on earth.
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