Saturday, February 4, 2012

(Day 35) the bee's in the socket

So as I was changing Liam, he decided he wanted to be be changed on the mattress on his floor. It lays next to an electrical outlet and all of a sudden, he stuck the metal keys he was playing with into the socket. Instantly, I very loudly told him to stop because of how dangerous that is. Richard, who was in the other room, came in to see what the loud noise was about as I was explaining to Liam how dangerous that is. I told Richard what happened and he took his turn explaining to Liam about electricity and the dangers of sticking things in outlets. He made a noise similar to buzzing electricity while explaining to him that you could get electricuted if you stick metal things into outlets. The whole time, Liam stared in awe at the outlet. (let me break here and say we normally have outlet covers on all the sockets for this reason, but I had taken it off recently to vacuum his room and forgot to put it on. Something I will make sure I never do again!!)
Richard left and as I finished changing Liam, he started talking about bees and said "bye bye bees" and "ouchie bees". At first I was confused what he was talking about, and then it hit me. When Richard made the noise of electricity, it sounded like buzzing and Liam thought he meant there were bees in the outlet and that was how he was going to get hurt! Richard and I thought that was so cute and had a good laugh about it later :)
Waiting for the bees to come out

And of course, it called for a video:

(sad thing is I only had 30 seconds to record, so I missed when he was explaining where the bees were)

...holy cow. I just put all the picture from my camera card onto my computer from January...500 pictures in one month. Wow...that's probably a personal record!

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