Sunday, February 19, 2012

(Day 47-50) The sweet, the funny, the sad and the cute.

Yeah ummm where did this week go? And the weekend? Blasted by me in epic speed. So I am behind in my blogging in bad ways. Here is my catch up from this week:
Day 47
"The Sweet"
He is very proud of his contraption :)
Liam loves playing in the potter box when Brielle isn't asleep!
Since Brielle was about 3 weeks old, she has been sleeping in the living room. She was way too noisy to sleep with us (snoring, grunting, you name it) and I don't want to put her in Liam's room until she is not eating at night. The living room worked for awhile, but as she got more aware, as soon as we put her to bed, we couldn't use our living room. We were annexed to our bedroom. It was fun, for awhile, to have the excuse we couldn't pick up the house after the kids went to bed, but that got frustrating to not be able to do that if I really needed to. So for Valentines, Richard designed and built on Thursday a contraption we lovingly call the "Potter Box" (reference to potters room under the stairs...sad i know). It's just a box he built around her bed that doesn't allow light or much sound in. Basically, he gave me access to my living room after Brielle goes to bed!! It's been awesome. She loves it and sleeps so well in it! (don't worry, it is totally safe and ventilated so it's no danger to her in anyway). 
My hubby is so sweet and wonderful! 

Day 48
"The Funny"
We have started to drink yummy green smoothies in the morning for breakfast and Friday morning Liam had the biggest seed stuck in between his middle teeth! It was really funny looking :)

Day 49
"The Sad"
So after dinner on Saturday night, we were watching some of the Piano Guys music on youtube (love 'em...) and one of Liams favorites came on. Of course he requested for us to listen to it over and over again and while it was playing he was dancing so cute and Brielle was also moving all over the place to the music (whats new? she is ALWAYS moving!) as well. I got the camera out to record both of them cause it was dang adorable. And this is what happened 3 seconds after I turned it on: 

Poor girl! She is always launching herself everywhere and because she randomly launches, we frequently almost drop her and or she will almost whack herself on something hard. This time it happened.
And don't worry, I laugh too every time I watch it. 
I might be the worst mom in the world. 
But I know she was fine, it sounds way loud because she hit the keyboard and it mostly just scared her. She was totally and completely fine
So keeping that in mind, I have to say, it's pretty hilarious....I am the worst...

p.s. I freaking love how excited Liam is in this video and Richards face on the moment of impact...
Day 50
"The Cute"
throwing it back to daddy
Today while I was making dinner and cleaning the house, Richard sat down and tried to teach Liam how to catch a ball :) It was so cute and watching them play and the joy on Liam's face was one of those moments where I feel the spirit whisper to my soul that my life is perfect and I am greatly blessed. 
And I am filled with such gratitude beyond words for my wonderful little family
because they are the reason my life is "perfect".


  1. I so enjoy reading your posts McKenna. You have a knack for picking out the good in every situation, & it's inspiring to read about the life lessons you learn.
    And if you're a bad mom, then so am I--I can't help but laugh when my kids cry sometimes, because their little sad faces are SO cute! And Richard's expression was pretty awesome in the video. Glad you guys found a solution to your "roomate problem." We're dying for the day that Bethany sleeps through the night so that she can be in Grace's room too!

  2. McKenna,
    I love your blog. I look forward to the pictures and to hear your perspective on your life. You make me so proud to be your Aunt. Your beautiful, funny, and so smart... what a loving relationship you have with Richard. You just find the good in everything.. so like your Mama... and yet I still see the Holloway in there. I would have been laughing when Brielle hit her head the same way. In fact I am notorious regarding my inability to not laugh when something like that happens.
    I love you sweetheart... Keep up the good work... Your an amazing Mom...


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