Wednesday, February 15, 2012

(Day 45) Heart day of love

Yes, blurry. I know. I didn't know my camera was on manual focus.
(like my ridiculous name for the post? I couldn't come up with anything, so Richard named it...haha)
I will admit it. I am spoiled. Rotten.
I have the bestest of the best hubby and I count him as my greatest blessing. Anyways, before I get too mushy, I will just leave it at that, even though I would love to go on an on about him and how wonderful he is.
Valentines this year was awesome! Richard stayed home with us as much as he could, which was so nice! He cleaned the house and then made us a delicious dinner. Huge steaks, asparagus, his "signature" potatoes, garlic/parmesan rolls and our favorite Sobe drinks. It was so good. We had planned to have strawberries dipped in chocolate, but stayed outrageously full all night. If I didn't have a raging sore throat right now (it sucks. It came on after all our Valentines festivities though, which was greatly appreciated), we would be stuffing our face with strawberries dripping in chocolate. 
Also, yesterday Brielle had rice cereal for the first time! I am not sure what she thought of it. She made "gross" faces but then lunged with a wide mouth towards her spoon for more, and grabbed the spoon to shove it in her mouth. Silly girl.

I am finally caught up. I don't have a post for today, Day 46, cause I am sick. I spent all day lounging in my pajamas, at the doctor or filling my prescription for my nasty sore throat and achy body. Poor Brielle has the same thing. Tomorrow I will take a picture...

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