Saturday, January 21, 2012

(Day 21) TGITW

I love weekends.
There is something so magical about a Friday.
It has always been my favorite day of the week.
Something fun and exciting is always bound to happen. I guess it's the social butterfly inside of me that gets giddy when I wake up on a Friday morning. 
this weekend did not disappoint
My Friday consisted of Richard coming home a little early (he got one of the highest scores in the class on his organic Chemistry test at a 97% so he ditched his study group), eating a delicious dinner of to-die-for mushroom artichoke chicken soup (recipe coming soon) with rosemary bread
and then we dropped the kids off at one of our good friends and went on a steamin' hot date.
Our normal date. And I always have fruit and he always has chocolate (Taken with my phone)
my bestest friend in all the world (Taken with my phone)

Then Saturday (today) is also one of my favs. (albeit for a strange reason)
Growing up it  was the day we deep cleaned the house, so that became my habit.
See I love to deep clean and I get excited about a day reserved for deep cleaning the house (I told you it was weird...)
So today I deep cleaned and then we baby-sat our good friends kids and Liam had a blast playing with his besties.
Having a dance part with said besties (Taken with my phone) 
Having a dance part with said besties (Taken with my phone)

Now the kiddos (well at least one of them. the other is dream nursing) are asleep
the house is clean
kids clothes and toys are laid out for church tomorrow
my dinner is cooking (o the life of the psychotically busy mommy)
and hubby and I are about to get ready to watch an episode from our favorite show before bed.
Brielle all ready for bed (Taken with my phone)
Like I said,
Thank Goodness It's The Weekend.

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