Thursday, January 5, 2012

(Day 5) Hi-lar-ious

So last night, Richard and I did our normal routine:
Liams bedtime
And I nurse Brielle while we watch an episode of our fav TV show
Brielle bedtime
Our bedtime

But last night Brielle didn't want to nurse, and just wanted to socialize. She kept pulling off, looking at us and babbling while smiling. And as usual, whenever she does that (which is a lot, little social bug fink), we couldn't help but smile and talk back. But last night, Richard wanted to play with her one last time before I put her to bed. So I went to the bathroom and the whole time heard Richard laughing. Really hard. He told me to come quick so I came back to this:

(the video is better quality on youtube if you want to watch it there. Here is the link:
I am having a hard time embedding videos from youtube in blog posts. Anyone else having that prob?)

They were having so much fun playing together and she was giving him huge smiles! So I decided to take a picture of her cute squishy face, turned my camera to camera mode, snapped the picture and when I saw the picture, I threw my head back in an uncontrollable, hysterical fit of laughter. That lasted a long time. And included many many tears running down my face. Here is why:

And it does the same thing to me every time I see it. 
(Don't worry, we aren't hurting her. Her chubbalicious cheeks just make for perfect squishy lip faces)

p.s. the title of my post was intended to be said like Jermaine from Flight of the Concords says the word in this video at 1:42. Speaking of hi-lar-ious, I freaking love that video. Like lots. Almost as much as that picture.

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