Tuesday, January 10, 2012

(Day 10) Sad egg and beekures

I need to make dinner and clean the house, but I wanted to write down some things Liam did today before I forget...

Sad Egg: This morning when Liam woke up, he asked for an egg. I started making him scrambled eggs like I normally do, but he also wanted to play with one. This is common and I am usually too busy to watch him to make sure he doesn't break it. But Brielle was still asleep, so I thought it would be ok. When he opened to carton to pick one, he found one and told me "sad egg". So he carried it around with him, very gently and cradled it in his hand for about an hour. While he colored, ate and then explored until the table. 
After all that attention, he informed me that "egg happy". So it worked. Egg was happy.

seriously love this picture of them. He was telling her about the beekures, and showing them to her.
Beekures: Today just minutes before Liam woke up from his nap, I tried to lay Brielle down. She had just woken up from a 3 hour nap, so I wasn't expecting much. It was quiet for about 20 minutes then she quietly started to cry. Liam (who was awake at this point) heard her and said "mom! Baby sad! quick!" He rushed into her room and standing next to the bed asked "baby, you ok??" then he basically told me in his little boy language to get her because she was sad. So I brought her in the living room and put her in the swing so I could start dinner. Liam wanted to join her and sat in her bumbo chair. For some reason, whenever he sits in that chair, he loves to "read" the beekures (aka: scriptures). So he started "reading" and then quietly told Brielle about them and asked her if she wanted them.
 "baby, beekures? here beekures".
I love watching him teach her, even though it's very simple still. 
He's going to be such a great older brother.

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  1. Love this McKenna.. you are so like your mom!!! Greatest compliment I could give anyone because I love your Mother so very much!!!!!


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