Tuesday, January 24, 2012

(Day 23 & 24) Dear week...

Dear week:
I am not one to wish away a week of my children s childhood or my own life.
But I am making an exception for you. 
I have one request: Just go away, as painless as possible.
This week my husband is MIA studying for the MCAT (aka: death test) he is taking Friday.
Which means I am totally on my own. 24/7 this week.
Like I said, let's just get it over with, ok?
So far, you have not been the best. Well, pretty much stunk.
So, please shape up and give this mama a break.
Is that too much to ask?

Ok, I guess to be honest, it hasn't been 100% bad. 
Thanks for the little glimmers of wonderfullness (i love my made up word) that made me smile.
Like these moments: 

As I was doing something, I saw Liam grab one of Brielle's bows that was sitting on the desk. A couple minutes later I looked over at her to see this. At first I was confused because I didn't remember putting a bow on her...
 But then when she turned her head, I couldn't help but laugh out loud...
With the exception of one ear, he did a pretty good job putting that bow on her!

 Our normal dinner time scene:
with coloring books and colored pens, pencils and crayons all over the table so he will eat.

Today Liam wanted to eat Popsicles, eat fish crackers and sit next to the couch for lunch with me. We would finish one Popsicles and he would run to the refrigerator for more, drag me back to the floor and then say "sooo Mom, hi" like we were having some deep conversation. It was so fun sitting there with my little man eating "lunch" and "chatting".
(taken with my phone)
And Liam teaching Brielle how to dance while she studied his every move intently; Liam dancing and trying to snap to "I Believe in Miracles"; being able to snuggle next to Brielle trying to get her to nap and then her successfully taking a 3 1/2 hour nap today during which I got caught up on the housework; Richard being able to get a lot of studying done despite having insomnia last night; the fact I was able to make easy, fast and yummy dinners the past could nights etc.
So even though you haven't been the best 2 days in, 
thank you for the little moments of awesomeness, and please continue to make those moments happen in the upcoming days.
Cause gosh, I will need them.
But more than anything, just provide days that won't be so hard and feel like they are going fast so we can finish this week of craziness and MCAT-taking.  
It would be greatly appreciated.


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