Friday, January 27, 2012

(Day 27) Just me. And nothing else.

The other day, I realized my blog was turning into nothing else except pictures and written blobs about my kids. I wouldn't have it any other way, but I was trying to think of something I could write about me. I couldn't think of anything. Not a single thing. Red flags started waving, and I realized, as I had been warned not to let happen, I was completely losing myself to my 2 kids. A good thing, but it can be dangerous when there is nothing to you except being a mom. A person needs their own identity. So today I decided to write about me as as my own person. So I am going to write about some of my favorite things. And challenge myself to not talk about my kids or hubby. Now the question is: Can I do it?! Let's see...

--The moment (yes it's just a moment in this house...) when you finish cleaning, organizing the house and get to sit down and enjoy it.
--Cooking a yummy meal that hits the spot
--Any type of fruit juice
--Writing my feelings down and the release as soon as they are out
--Dancing my butt off like a tacky Latin dancer Exercising at Zumba
--Laying in bed after a hard, taxing day
--Looking at the clock and realizing I was able to sleep for more than a couple hours
--Clean, folded laundry
--Taking a hot shower during the winter
--Going out to dinner
--Spontaneously deciding to do something fun
--Laughing so hard I start becoming hysterical
--Funny movies (like the edited version of Bridesmaids. LOVE it)
--Inspiring drama movies (love Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Big Fish)
--Looking into the camera and finding a beautiful shot that captures raw emotion
--Listening to good music, loud.
--Imagining my future when all this work pays off
--Dreaming of my dream house that I will have one day
--Getting all dressed and dolled up
--Feeling on top of the world when things are going my way
--Driving in the car with loud music blaring
--Cute clothes that fit just right
--Getting my hair done
--When the spirit confirms that what you heard is truth
--Those little, insignificant moments when you feel life is absolutely perfect
--When you feel like heaven is close and your Savior is giving you a hug of "you can do this"
--Knowing where I am going and where I came from
--The reassurance that if my worst nightmare happened, we are a forever family.
--Being in the temple and feeling complete happiness
--Being creative
--Listening to a favorite song
--Hearing rain on a tin roof
--Inspirational quotes or stories
--Tragic stories that make me grateful for what I have
--Creating and reliving inside jokes
--Pet names
--Hanging out with friends and feeling like a kid again
--Burts Bees chapstick
--Watching episodes of my favorite TV show
--Fresh, crisp apple
...and if I could add my favorite things about my kids and hubby this list would be 4 times longer...

When my toddler won't eat,
When the baby won't sleep,
When I am feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things, 
and then I don't feel so bad.

excuse the nastiness--this is me today after a long day with the kiddos
...I did it!!


  1. I loved reading this list and thinking to myself.....that's my girl!
    I love you, Kenna.


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