Friday, January 13, 2012

(Day 13) Saving his little brain

I am sure a lot of mommies are in my shoes right now for several reasons.
Freezing weather not allowing your kids to go outside
Tiny (not kidding) apartment with no room for little man to run & explore
Little man is tired of all his toys
Needing to nurse and have him distacted (that is the only time he gets remotely jealous)
Richard being gone all day (12 hours) and needing to get things aroumd the house done
Sometimes I cave and let him watch "kids TV shows" on Netflix

Don't panic. He really doesn't watch that much. Relatively hardly at all. But still, today I decided I wanted to limit the dependence on Curious George and Blues Clues as much as I could. So we had fun doing other things during Brielle's naps. 
Like playing with colored puff balls,

making finger paint and him painting with the paint we made
He loved making it "squishy" (his words)

We also cleaned the house (he had fun spraying things with his spray bottle of water and wiping it up with a rag), had a dance party, he helped me make dinner etc. I would say project "save his brain" went well.

While Brielle was awake, they had fun loving on each other and playing together like normal.
Relaxing in the sun
Brielle has found her cute little feet and LOVES them :)
Today was a good day. Even though I didn't get a nap, I still got a lot done. It was so nice! I re-arranged the decorations in our house, deep cleaned, played with Liam and made a yummy dinner. 
Even though it was Friday the 13th, it was good.

p.s. Wondering why I am posting on my blog so much all of a sudden? With the New Year I decided I wanted to take at least 1 picture a day and blog about it. I call it "Project 365" and I explain it more here

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