Sunday, January 8, 2012

(Day 8) 23 Months

My dear, sweet boy is 23 months today.
I can't believe that I can say he will be 2 years old in a month. Thinking that almost brings tears to my eyes. And I don't know what I will do when I actually say it for the first time. Richard and I lay in bed every night before we go to sleep and talk about how much we love and adore our sweet children. I tell him funny things they did or Liam said and then we fall asleep smiling. The other night we were talking about how freakishly fast he is growing up. There is no way that this wonderful day was almost 2 years ago. No way.
Building blocks during brielles nap
I wanted to write some things about my favorite boy at 23 months. So here are some of my thoughts.
--He is almost 2 and I thought that the terrible twos would be awful. A couple months back it started to get kind of daunting with the hitting and the tantrums. But we quickly got on that with time outs and the hitting has completely stopped and the tantrums are almost none existent. Want to know what he does now? Walks around saying "Dank you Mom", "Dank you Dad" when he gets anything or we do anything for him. Like while I am changing his diaper, after I get him when he wakes up, when I give him food, when I hug him...when we do anything. He even said "dank you Mom" when I got him from one of his few timeouts. He's an angel
--And when he does do something naughty, or he knows we won't like he says "wharry mom". It's so cute and the way he says it is so sincere. If he screams when he doesn't get his way, instantly his face changes and he says "wharry" with the sweetest "sorry" face I have ever seen. He knows when he does something wrong, and feels bad about it. It's so sweet to see an almost 2 year old boy say sorry right after doing something wrong. It really melts my heart. Like the other night he woke up after a nightmare in the middle of the night and when I went to pick him up he whispered "wharry mom" and then as I rocked him to make sure he was ok he whispered "dank you mom". Like I said, it melts my heart :)
--He is also very independent and stands up for himself. Which I really like. He wants to do things by himself and is regularly heard saying "my turn" when he wants to do something, like walk down the stairs by himself. And if a kid is bullying him or trying to push him around, he won't have it. He stands up for himself (granted he is learning the appropriate way to do that still) and doesn't let people push him around. I love that he has that trait from his Dad and won't be a push over. 
--He is so sensitive emotionally like me. I don't mean that we get offended easy or anything, but we feel other peoples emotions and it's hard for us when others feel mad or disappointed in us. Because of this, Liam can't watch movies (which he hardly does anyways) where people are mad or loud or be around people that act like that. He gets the saddest face and starts whimpering if anyone on TV shows or movies look or sound mad or angry. At all. He's my sensitive little man :)
--Whenever he sees someone he loves he always say "Hi" as a way to say that he loves them and they are special to him. He will go up to his little friends and say hi over and over again in their face. My favorite is when he comes up to me randomly through out the day and says "Hi Mom. Huggies?" and then when I pick him up, he gives me a hug, tight hug around my neck and then plays with my hair. He is so loving!

Just wanted to write down some of the cute things he does before he changes and grows up.
Cause he is always doing that.
Changing and growing up.

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  1. love this! Tara is doing the same things and it just melts my heart too! Being a momma is the best! Thanks for sharing! Love your little family!


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