Tuesday, January 3, 2012

(Day 3) Disappearing tree and broken Jesus

So about the pictures. Yesterday my back was hurting pretty bad and I was laying on the floor with my feet up on the couch (that is supposed to be a great way to take pressure off your back and make it feel better). Liam woke up from his nap and was confused why I was laying like that. So we had our normal post-nap cuddle while I was laying on the floor. He thought it was really fun. That little man is the biggest mama's boy.

So I also thought today I would write some of the cute things he has said in the last couple days.

We were visiting family in WA for 1 1/2 weeks over Christmas and just recently got back a few days ago. The day after we got home, Liam was playing and running around as usual and then stopped dead in his tracks. He looked at me with this surprised, horrified look and said "mommy, where did tree go??" He was so sad that we took down the Christmas tree and it was funny that it took him 2 days to notice it. He's a boy.

The other morning I was leaning against one of our walls that has a picture of Jesus on it. Liam loves that picture and regularly calls out "JESSE" (which is his version of Jesus) while pointing to it. Well I got too close and knocked it off the wall on accident. The frame fell and broke into two pieces. I put the piece with the picture and glass up high until we could fix it and while I was doing that, he grabbed the other part (which wasn't dangerous or anything) and brought it to me. With a very sad, timid little voice he whispered over and over again "mom, Jesse broke". When I fixed it he was very excited and said "look! Jesse!!" 

About a month ago, my sister came over for several hours. Her nickname is Caitie and as usual, I was calling her that the whole night. Right before she left, Liam said "Meow, come here!" My sister and I looked at each other confused, and then it hit me. He thought I was calling her Kitty and so he was referring to her like he does any kitty: Meow! Now that is his name for her and we all giggle whenever he talks to her, because it always starts with "Meow". I foresee a fun nickname for my sister :)

I wish I had a way to record my entire days. He says and does the funniest things all day and I wish I had a way to record all of them before I forget.

Gosh, I love my kidlets more than anything.

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