Wednesday, January 11, 2012

(Day 11) One of "those" days

Rough [ruhf] adjective: When yous husband has 16 days left before the MCAT. To prep and in the last push before said psycho test, it was decided it would be best for him to study (for his classes and the MCAT) from 7:45am-8pm. 6 days a week. Leaving you to parent and do it all. Alone.
See: impossible, crazy

Yeah today was the second of those crazy days. And it's not easy. It is dang hard. Plus...
-I am not feeling 100% well
-Didn't sleep good last night
-It was too cold to leave the house
-(but still) Went grocery shopping and little man dropped everything (including half a deck of cards...don't ask) on the ground and then almost fell out of the cart. It was stressful.
-Liam was feeling cooped up and was acting up. alot more than normal.
-Tons of whining (from us all)
-Food battles over dinner
-Even with cleaning almost constantly, the house stayed a wreck

But, despite the "rough", there were many glimmers of wonderfullness (like my word?) that made me smile. Like...
-Liam, Brille and I's dance/jumping party before dinner
-Watching Liam color a beautiful picture with 5 different colors
-Liam and Brielle rolling around on the floor together playing
-Waking up to a clean house
-Yummy smelling dinner cooking in the crock pot all day
-Liam wanting to cuddle with Brielle before bed
-When he kept putting his "fish" that he made out of play dough asleep, making it happy (his words haha) and feeding it milk
-How excited Liam was to see Richard when he finally came home
-Taking an almost hour nap while the kids slept
-Richard cleaning the house for me after Liam went to sleep while I blogged

So despite the bad, it was still a good day. Because of my wonderful family. It's not "perfect" and without difficulty and trying-of-patience, but its wonderful. beautiful and I love it.


  1. so true! Such great words McKenna! Life sure isn't perfect but it is nothing short from beautiful!!

  2. I love the picture of
    Brielle sitting behind Liam on the couch and he is holding her hand. I suspect Liam had role models for that? ;)

  3. In the same boat, McKenna. High-five for finding the bright side. :)


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