Tuesday, January 17, 2012

(Day 17) Learning experiences

So today (hehe...shh I am writing this the next day cause it got crazy busy..."today)  I got the kids up from their naps and Liam wanted to draw in his "notebook" I made him (just some papers stapled together. but he loved it). Then he wanted "sister" right next to him. So they chilled on the couch while he woke up all the way. Here is the cuteness:

Yesterday Liam had a learning experience. It was also a learning experience for mama. Here is what happened: Richard came home for his 45 minute dinner break from studying for the MCAT (10 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and he was playing with the kids. He had Brielle on his lap and all 3 of them were having fun. Then all of a sudden Brielle SCREAMED and started crying. Richard looked down and saw that Liam had bit her toe! Richard responded very loud and Liam looked up in horror. We both know without a shadow of a doubt it was NOT malicious at all, but he was just playing around because he has never bit anyone before. Plus we know him very well and the look he gave plus his reaction makes us SURE that it was. He looked so shocked and so sad. We put him in timeout for quite awhile so he will learn that biting is not ok. Poor boy. He felt SO bad. He came out and gave her tons of kisses and hugs, especially on her little toe. It really hurt her toe and his little heart as well. 
The learning experience for me was: how to properly discipline  when your child didn't mean to, but needs to still be disciplined. What we did worked for him. He went to timeout and we were firm (but loving about that), but then we cuddled & loved on him while we explained how biting is NOT ok. I think he really learned that lesson. This is the hard "grey" area part of parenting. It's easy to know what to do when a kid does something naughty on purpose. But yesterday I learned what to do if something happens on accident, that must be stopped. Parenting sure is an adventure... ;) 

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  1. warning: parenting question :)
    When did you start putting Liam in timeouts and how long do you do it? Do you have a timeout chair?
    I've been toying with the idea lately but don't know that Annie really understands...


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