Thursday, January 12, 2012

(Day 12) When it's quiet...

I learned something over the almost 2 years of being a mommy to a little boy.
If it's quiet, you should run. Fast. In their direction
Because chances are, they are up to no good.

Yesterday I forgot that truth and let it go quiet for too long. This is what I found when he walked into the living room:

Yeah he took out all the floss from the container and was running it through his mouth. Looks like he likes mint just as much as his mommy.

Not a flattering pic of me, but I never get in the pictures so I thought I would include it

1 comment:

  1. He actually did the same thing at our house, with Uncle Josh as his accomplice. Liam was on the counter in the bathroom and Josh was pulling out the floss. When I asked Josh why he did that he said "Liam wanted to!" That is why you should never have a 10 year old babysit!! Hahahaha


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