Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coasting and the gems in my closet

we did it.
I want to shout it from the rooftops.
We survived.
One more horrid, awful, never-seeing-Richard, him working for 12+ hours on campus, single-mommyhood semester down. And (hopefully) no more to go.
And finally, after 2 years, we have entered coast mode.
After 2 years of treading water, we have entered the long coveted coast mode. You ask what coast mode is? Well, he has been accepted to his #1 Podiatry school, we have accepted, we have one more semester left here during which he only has to pass his classes. easy. No more MCAT to worry about, no more being gone for an entire month during the semester for interviews, and no more worrying about not getting into med school. Next semester should be bomb. Like him coming home at 5 bomb. I am so proud of my hardworking hubby and so excited for this coast mode we have entered! Just enjoying the last 3 months here in our home of 5 years (wow) together on a normal schedule. Almost too much to comprehend! 
As soon as the kids woke up from their nap, they played with Daddy. Their heaven.
Brielle's crazed mid-jump face

Anyways. Today was day two of my Spring Cleaning Naturally, but I have nothing on that front to report. I just tore apart our room, deep cleaning it for 3 hours, but it required no natural cleaners. We filled four 30-gallon black trash bags full of stuff for D.I...i love purging. But I did find some gems in the top of my closet.
--Like a huge stack of old CDs that included, and not limited to, Brittany Spears, Ace of Base, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, No Doubt, Matchbox 20 and all other '90 and early 2000 wonders. Liam and I even had a Mandy Moore dance party to celebrate their findings.
--A stack of ultrasound pictures from my pregnancies with both kids (it was crazy to look at my 6 week ultrasound with Liam and then up to the 2 year old cuteness he is now. I made that?!?!)
--A couple frames from the dollar store that we had set up at our reception
--My tassel from graduating college
--An old bottle of lotion
--2 games of Risk, Settlers of Catan and Axes and Allies
--A huge accordion file full of all the special mementos from our dating, engagement and marriage. Brought back some wonderful memories.
...among so many other wonderfully random things. But my favorite find, that I spent about 10 minutes laughing at? My journal from the time I was 7-9 years old. Complete with sketches of hearts as I talked about my crushes, friends I had, confessions and the like. Here are some excerpts.
"1993: I love my family and my fariend's (friends)! I like Taylor. He likes me too! And I like cat's and hoes (I am assuming horses). I like Sanda Little. I love books"

"1994: I wnat (want) a dog! I can not whaet (wait) to! I love dog's so so so so much! Thay (they) are so fun! Thay (they) run and play with you! I think a cat are dumb. Dog's are man's dest (best) firend (friend)!"

"Nov 5 1995: I have a relly (really) good boy (??) his name is chris. his (he is) so cute. I fell like I want to merry (marry) him! And the other boy is andy. I relly (really) have a crash (crush) on them!"

"10/15/96:  I have a new boyfriend. His name is cory. Oh I'm in fifth grade. Well I am kind of sad cause he likes Jnea (i am assuming thats jenna)! A girl in fifth grade. I looked on his backpack and it said, I love Jena! Well I dont really care. I kind of like pat."

"10/16/1996: I play the villon (violin) and I love it. My goal is to, Play really good, make the boyfriends like me, and get good grades. I got alot of f's in math!"

...apparently all I thought about were animals (especially dogs, because apparently cats suck) and boys. I was boy crazy from age 7. And friends (I left all the lists of my friends and boyfriends out). Among other random things. What a walk down memory lane. Man I am grateful my spelling improved...
Many warnings of danger, caution, DO NOT READ, "for McKenna's eyes and Mckenna's eyes only", read at your own risk, DO NOT TOUCH.
Well, for the sake of your safety, I am glad you didn't see the inside. 

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