Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the weekend of sugar overload, eggs and bunnies.

Other than blowing through our spring cleaning (Saturday we finished the kids room and it looks SO much better), Saturday through Monday was full of sugar overloads (which is sponsoring my current headache), eggs and bunnies. Easter was Sunday (duh) and we tried to do everything we could the past few days to celebrate it.
It all started on Saturday. That was a good day.
I slept in for 2 hours more than normal (I love spring break), then we got the kids ready for an Easter egg hunt and to see the Easter bunny at our grocery store. I was afraid that Liam would be afraid of the Easter bunny, but to my surprise, he loved it. After we left he kept running back to say hi and would yell "HI EASTER BUNNY!!!" from across the store. He was obsessed. Then they did an Easter egg hunt and Liam didn't really understand the whole "grab-as-many-as-you-can" concept and kept sharing them with other kids and stopped to see what was inside the egg. By the end he got it alittle more. Sugar overload #1.
A little unsure, and then he saw the candy...

Then while Liam napped, Brielle hung out with her favorite daddy while I did laundry
She held on to him for so long!

Then we took Liam on a little outing while Brielle slept and got all the stuff for our Easter the next day. Liam and Richard had a sword fight with light-sabers complete with Captain America masks. I was so sad my phone died so I couldn't take a picture. When we got home, we had our first real movie night and watched the new Muppets Movie. Sugar overload #2.

The next morning was Easter and we had their baskets sitting in the living room with eggs around the room for them (well mostly Liam) to collect. In Liam's bucket/basket he had a chocolate bunny, some eggs with candy and a light-saber (we secretly bought the one he was playing with in Walmart. He has been wanting one forever). Because he loved the light-saber so much, he didn't care about the eggs with candy and just played with his new toy. Brielle rolled around on the floor and went after all the eggs, sucking on them when she finally reached them. At least one of the kids enjoyed the egg hunt I set up. I made yummy treats for our friends and snacked on the candy that was supposed to be for Liam. I don't even know if he had lunch before we went to church... sugar overload #3
The boys watching a movie about Christ and the true meaning of Easter
I love her "I have been working hard to get to this egg. Don't touch it" face
We had my dear sister and her husband over for Easter dinner and had a great day at church. Even though I didn't get a chance to really listen to the talks and lessons because of the kiddos, I felt very spiritually edified. 

Monday our complex had an Easter egg hunt. It was planned for Saturday morning, but alas, thanks to the psycho Idaho weather, we woke up to about 4 inches of snow and more coming down fast (and of course it was about 70 degrees the night before. Talk about a surprise).
Liam was addddorable.
And because I think it was so cute, here is the video
fav parts:
when he put grass in his bucket at 1:02
telling his friend about his eggs at 3:35
when he shares his eggs with a friend at 5:06
When he sits down to sort his eggs in the middle of the hunt 5:20
Upon finding what was inside the egg, asking me to open it for him, waiting for me to open it and then eating it 5:35-6:05 (all time fav part)
and again at 8:00
The way he says "Thank you" at 8:16

...o gosh the whole thing.

Sister examining Liams findings. I love her serious face!
...sugar overload #4

All in all, it was a very fun Easter and it was fun to watch the kids enjoy the holiday and make memories!

Next year?
Way less sugar
Celebrate the "Easter bunny" part of Easter (baskets, Easter bunny, egg hunts, egg decorating etc) on Saturday and then Sunday focus entirely on Christ and the real meaning  of Easter without the other distractions.

And yes. Today I threw away all of the candy.
That took a lot of self control. But I won.

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  1. Glad you guys had a great weekend! I LOVE the pics of Brielle--too cute! Grace did the same thing as Liam with the bunny with the cow at Chick-fil-a the other day--a little unsure at first, but then she kept going over to them and giving them hugs and waving; totally obsessed. It was TOO funny! And she did the same thing at our Easter egg hunt--kept stopping to open her eggs. Funny kids!


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