Friday, April 20, 2012

The beginning of the end and generations.

I have been thinking about this post all week. I have been writing it in my head, and meaning to post, but it's been really busy. A lot of big things have been going down at our house. Here is a glimpse.
It's been the beginning of several endings.
The beginning of the end of our time here at BYU-Idaho (Richard started his last semester on Tuesday)
The beginning of the end of Podiatry (shock! More on that later. I would give more details, but I know already this post is going to be ginormous...)
The beginning of the end of our time here in the city we have lived for 5 years (it feels so weird to come almost full circle in this chapter of our lives) 
The beginning of the end to living next door to our great, family-like friends (several of them are moving very soon...tear...)
The beginning of the end to nursing (after pretty much 8 months, Brielle refuses to nurse. So weaning has started)
The beginning of the end to our last winter in southeast Idaho (PRAISE!!!!)
The beginning of the end to spring cleaning (it has taken me so long because it's been so busy. I have the kitchen and storage left)
The beginning of the end to several of the kids bad habits
The beginning of the end to several of my bad habits (making time to exercise, take my vitamins etc)
The beginning of the end to several other big things.
A lot of wonderful change has been happening, and while it's hard to accept such big change (mostly #2), they have all only been for the good and just the right things for us happening at just the right time (ok except #4. That could never be good...) .

And in regards to the word "generations". My family was here visiting at the end of last week and left on Monday. It was wonderful. 5 perfect days. So fun. Lots of laughing, playing games, eating food, sleeping in (my parents watched the kids every morning so Richard and I would sleep in until 11...), babysitting (got in a temple trip and date with the hubs. perfection), attention for the kiddos (they absolutely adore my family), and love. While they were here, something really dawned on me. The importance of past generations. I watched my parents and siblings with my kids, and realized how vitally important their influence on my kids is. They teach them, love them and set examples for them that will impact them in more ways than any other person. It made me realize how important it is for my kids to have role models and influences from the generations before them. I think that is a large reason why Heavenly Father put us into families.
Brielle LOVED my Dad's zippers. She sucked on them for hours.
Liam and my 6 year old sister loved to "do the dishes" together after dinner. they play so well together and I think It's cool they are only 4 years apart :)
My pretty girl wrapped everyone around her little pinky. Papa included.
Liam and one of my bros who was so good with the kids! 
My sister who just turned 13 and Brielle. They were buddies :)
Liam has reverted to wanting bottles of milk when Brielle started drinking formula recently. We broke that habit yesterday.

My biggest regret of the whole vacation? 
Not taking more pictures, especially of the kids and their precious "nana" and all my other siblings (I am missing 4 of them in these pictures)

There ya go. Update from our lives in the last 10 days. Lots of changes that have kept us busy and a visit from my family. Life is good. Good in wonderful ways. More details coming soon on the big, life changing and huge change I listed as #2 above...

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  1. I bet your parents just LOVE having grand kids, and your sibs love having a niece and nephew. Family time is the best! Glad there are great things happening in your life!


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