Monday, April 23, 2012

We're a legit fambily

So before you think I am crazy-- One of my siblings used to say "fambily" instead of "family" and ever since then, it has stuck and all of my siblings and my parents use that word. A little explanation for my post title :)
When Richard and I got married, we were a family but we felt like we were just playing house.
Then the kids came one right after another and while we felt more real, it still felt like we were playing house.
But yesterday, we became a real family. A legit fambily as my fam would say. 
We're the family with two car seats in our minivan.
Yep. That's right. We are a minivan family and proud of it. All the extra space we have makes the title worth it. It wasn't until I was driving that puppy around with my kiddos in the back seat and my hubby at my right hand side that I felt like we were a real, legit fambily
our new ride taken with my phone
And then compound the fact that I was driving said, new ride to Walmart to buy me a new planner so that I can feel more purposeful in my living (more on that later). One of those huge, honken planners that has a place for debit cards, drivers license, all your emergency contacts AND a way to plan out every detail of your lives. I can feel my time getting more valuable and our days getting more efficient already.

With my planner in hand and my minivan parked in the parking lot, I feel like we aren't planning house anymore.
I am one of "those" moms with a planner, minivan, snot nosed kids born too close together.
And rocking it. 
But more importantly, loving loving loving it.

P.S. I am sure most of you are laughing that I labeled this as a "Family landmark". But get over it, because it is.


  1. Seriously? Let's get past the cute way your fam pronounced family and just call you crazy for caving on a minivan! Though secretly I'm coveting the ease of wrestling with a carseat...

  2. Love the planner! I haven't seen that one. It looks amazing. Now I hope you are better than me and actually bring your planner with you when you go shopping. I am horrible at making these detailed lists in my planner and then leaving it home on the counter. <3

  3. Oh, and I love the minivan! Ray and Jane are amazing!

  4. I'm hoping to be right behind ya! We should be buying an SUV or van this month, and I love the idea of getting a planner. I need to get organized again! Congrats on getting legit! ;)


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