Friday, April 6, 2012

(Day 96) after lunch

Brielle has been having a hard time lately.
I think she is allergic to milk protein like Liam and so the little bits of formula I have been giving her is giving her some problems and keeping her up at night. So she has been really tired lately.
Because she has been up at night, obviously so have I and so to rest for part of her lunch I nursed her laying on my bed, for part of her lunch. After awhile I knew she had fallen asleep and I scooted away to watch her sleep.
Sleeping babies is one of my favorite things.
So precious and serene. 
Her little crossed hands and her sweet eyes lit in the light from the window nearby, made for such a sweet, beautiful moment. 
Luckily, after a trip to the doctor today, I am pretty sure we have figured everything out and she will be back to sleeping great at night. Here is to hoping our nights will be back to normal.
But until then, I hope she sleeps next to me again after lunch.

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