Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Last winter Liam and I got sick with everything under the sun. From the month I got pregnant in December until April, we were almost constantly sick. It was miserable (to put it lightly). But the doctor told me that since he was so young (he was less than 1 year old that whole time) it would help create a strong immune system, so while it was hard in the moment, it would pay off. And this winter it sure did! Liam only got sick maybe once and it wasn't even that bad. Literally just a couple days ago, I mentioned to Richard, in passing, how lucky we were that Liam hasn't gotten that sick this winter. Watch what you say...
This last weekend, I had a little cold, but nothing too bad. Liam woke up Monday morning acting sick and it got progressively worse as the day went on until he was coughing constantly, sneezing and was so miserable and sick he could hardly get off the couch. So we took him in to the doc on a whim. Turns out, the kid has full-blown RSV! So sad! He is so miserably sick. He has been laying on the couch watching Sesame street, Curious George or anything else I can get on Netflix, because that is all he has the energy to do! 
Him trying to "smile"...
funny story with this picture:
Right before this he was playing in his room as I was cleaning it and lasted about 20 minutes. Then he went into the living room, laid down and said "mom I am sick. I am sick so I need medicine though" (he loves the word "though" and uses it in the funniest, incorrect ways). He has found out that medicine is yummy and that if he says he is "sick" he can get "sugar medicine" (his new name for it). He was pretty upset when I told him he had to wait because he had just had some :)

Another sad attempt at smiling! Even though he is so sick, he has been so happy and cheerful! That's my little man! He is such a good boy, even when he is miserable.

One thing we are really afraid of, is Brielle getting it. I know she would be OK, but still, RSV can sometimes, in the worst cause scenario, require hospitalization in young babies. Luckily she is older than that, so that is most likely not a real concern. But still. In the 2+ years we have had kids, we have never had to go to the hospital for them, and I would like to keep it that way (another thing I was telling Richard just days ago I was thankful for...knock on wood). Just wondering if anyone reading this could pray, think happy thoughts or whatever for our baby girl and that she won't get sick. And if she does, then it won't require any hospitalization or other "scary" actions.
On a side note, are you as taken aback by the fact she is standing too?!
She is crawling all over the place and now has a new favorite pastime: standing against the couch or sliding glass door! WHERE DID MY BABY GO?!
I cannot believe she "turns" 8 months tomorrow!!

Anyways, because so many of our friends have brand-new babies (and RSV can be really dangerous for little babies), we have quarantined ourselves. And of course, this happens as soon as the weather turns beautiful! Haha...here is hoping and praying this goes fast so we can return to social, normal life!

Until then, we need to find some other movies for Liam to watch cause boy, these ones we have are getting ooollllldddddddddd fast...

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