Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The calm.

This is the calm.
The calm after and before the storm.
After the storm of under-graduate work. always worried about what our future was. Never seeing Richard. Far away from our family. Living in a tiny apartment. storm #1
Before the storm of learning to manage 3 kids in 3 years (It's going to be "interesting" to be outnumbered...). storm #2
And hubby starting medical school soon while trying to learn storm #2 and truly never being home. storm #3
(sorry I talk about those "storms" so often...honestly pretty freaked out. Excited for the challenge, but freaked)

But this time, is the calm.
The calm I have waited so long for and the one that I am basking in right now.
It is truly wonderful. And I feel so blessed to have this time with my family before the storm (s) come.

Our situation has allowed for almost constant help from time with Richard and it is heaven. Absolute heaven and sometimes I have to pinch myself because it doesn't seem real. The kids are loving it and I am loving it even more. Maybe ;) It is particularly wonderful for this almost 9 month pregnant body. more on that later...

Playing in the water on our 1 1/2 mile hike as a family on Presidents day

We have been living it up.
Weekly dates,
(finally) caught up on all of our favorite TV shows
getting to know my family on a whole new, wonderful level
staying up way too late talking after the kids are asleep (my all-time favorite part of the day)
 sleeping in whenever we can
 exercising everyday (well I DID)
 going on family outings pretty much everyday
eating every meal together 
and playing in anyway we can.

This is the calm 
I am grateful for everyday
and the time that will keep my sanity during the storms.

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  1. The picture with your faces out of focus and the trees in focus behind you is the coolest blurry shot I can remember. It seems like nature was trying to be in focus. I don't even care if this happened on accident, lie to me and tell me it was intentional!


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