Friday, February 8, 2013

The best 3 years

3 years ago, my life changed. 
In dramatic, wonderful, instantaneous ways.
3 years ago as I saw my precious boy for the first time when they placed him on my chest seconds after his birth, I was overcome with an eternal love that I cannot explain and something I could not have fathomed before he was born.
It was instant and all-consuming.
I didn't know him, but I loved him, more than I could imagine.
One of the most magic moments of my life.
See...I wasn't lying...look at his rolls! He had rolls EVERYWHERE.
So happy...all warm, full, feeling good with my baby sleeping next to me. 
The most proud, happy daddy in the world

Now 3 years later, I know him.
In only that short of a time, I know him so well. I know what his answers will be and how he will react in situations. I know the way he will feel and can accurately "guess" what he will say. 
I know him better than anyone else on this earth, and I love him more than anyone on this earth (of course, except his wonderful daddy). He is my best buddy, my little love who, with his 2 sisters and daddy, make my life complete.
He brings so much joy into my life and so much love, that I don't know what I did without him. For example, over and over again today he has cuddled with me, stroking my face and saying "I really love you mommy, with all of my heart" and "you are my best mommy in the whole world" and "I love you forever mommy". Really, I have been so blessed to be able to be his mommy. When I look into those big, excited, beautiful blue eyes, my heart melts and I can feel the amazing caliber of his spirit. Motherhood, really is the most amazing part of this earthly life. And being mommy to my littles, makes my life so full.
Love his goofy, in-the-middle-of-laughing smile!

 The past three years being Liams mama, have been wonderful. More than I can say.
He is my little best friend and I can't wait to watch him grow from his little boy self into a man.

 ... we are really celebrating tomorrow because my whole family was super busy today and then having his "friend" birthday on Tuesday so I will post pictures of present opening, cake eating and all the festivities after the two parties! Tomorrow is going to be packed full of all day Liam fun and I can't wait to see how excited he is :)

But even still, we celebrated with our little family by doing some of his favorite things. Day 1 of 3 celebrating this little man.
He loved it :)
(gosh, he is handsome)

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