Friday, March 1, 2013

Mother nature, I can relate.

Today is March 1st.
and the process of spring "springing" has begun.

We spent most of the day outside and it was a perfect, beautiful spring day full of adventure and exploring.
I followed after the kids while they walked around, caught frogs, explored the woods around the house, swung on the swing in the barn, played at the park, fed the ducks and soaked up the sun (that was actually shinning!! ::gasp::)

But as we were outside, exploring the world together
I couldn't help but relate with mother nature.

Liam and his precious frogs just after he caught them
I spy some pink legs...and a huge pregnant shadow...
You could see that everything was about to burst forth with life, the green was just about to push out from the ground, the trees had buds that will soon become leaves and the baby birds were singing.
As I looked around, I realized that mother earth was about to "pop", 
and so am I.
The "bowling ball" shot
He carried them around for a long time and was surprisingly
 gentle for a 3-year-old boy!
showing sister his findings
Spring is coming, so close, all the preparations are being made.
There might be a couple more colder days 
But it's almost here.

Baby girl is coming, so close, all the preparations are being made
(today I finished washing all the newborn clothes!!)
There might be a couple more hard days where my body hurts, I have acid reflux, being feeling ginormous and false labor
But she is almost here.

The similarities I felt between spring just around the corner and my current state was a little uncanny
and ironic.
(those pants make me look WAY more fat than I am...just FYI)
Spring is coming and the process has begun, 19 days early.
With 28 days left until my own special date,
My body is also slowly beginning the process of my own "progression" (if you know what I mean).
It's pretty cool being on the same "cycle" as mother nature.

Anyways, I love living in an area where spring exists and you can watch the slow process from winter to summer.
It is so beautiful and exciting to watch the world wake up after winter.

(If spring has come -19 days early, and the weather stays like it was today, that would be flippin' awesome.)

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