Thursday, February 21, 2013

Planting for tomorrow

This morning Richard scooped the kids out of their beds, let me sleep in and created with them.
They made "recipes", "goo" (corn starch + water) and built a fort where they went fishing and caught fish crackers.
all before 8:30 am.

I woke up, they were still in their pajamas, but their little hearts were full.
And Liam invited me into his fort where he was planting a garden (with our pellet fish food of course) which he said was full of vegetables, flowers and strawberries.
This game went on for about an hour.

(both the kids watching intently)

So when nap-time was over 
(heavy emphasis on TIME since neither napped...)
We bundled them up and headed out to get seeds to plant them a real garden.
And now we have a garden full of
vegetables, herbs and melons.

They both watched intently as Richard put the seeds in our seed-starter box
that is now sitting in it's special spot in front of the big windows on the piano.
And in between watching, 
Brielle ran around "singing" on the back porch playing with old cardboard boxes
Liam dug into the dirt, flinging it on everyone and everything
and I delighted in hearing the birds singing in the trees.

Spring has come.
The birds are singing, 
The green is getting more green,
The air doesn't bite,
and there are little seeds in dirt pockets beginning the process of emerging.

They say,
and I know that first thing tomorrow morning,
2 little kiddos are going to run in and check on their little seeds,
Believing that "tomorrow" brings what they planted.

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