Friday, February 1, 2013

Just today.

I should be in bed. I know it's crazy to be up this late when the kids are sleeping, especially considering the fact I am so tired and this huge pregnant body is hurting. But I didn't want to let todays little victories be forgotten. 

Today was a normal day. Nothing special. 
...Was woken up by a big hug and cuddle session with Liam.
...Richard let me go back to sleep and sleep in, like he does most mornings. (yes, I am a very spoiled girl)
...Exercised, while being interrupted by the kids (what felt like) every 10 minutes. 
...Bathed them with minimal battles. Dressed and Liam actually let me brush his hair.
...Got ready for the day (even straightened my hair AND did my make-up).
...Deep cleaned our entire room (thats a feat with my 8 month pregnant body going on almost a constant strike).
...Rested while Brielle napped and Liam laid on my bed watching more Micky Mouse fighting sleep as much as he could. 
...Watched my little boy get so excited about the fact he is a big boy and can take off his shirt and put another one on. He has never been interested in doing it before, even though he could, but today it was the most exciting thing to him that he could do it alone. He was so proud of himself and his happiness over something so simple was so darling. He got so excited that he quickly folded his arms and said a little prayer:
Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for my daddy, for my mommy and for my Brielle. I love them.
I think we went through 5 or 6 shirt changes today and each time was a huge celebration for him.
...Went to my 32 week check-up to hear, once again, everything looks perfect. When the doctor said "wow you are getting close", it actually hit me that I am.
...Went to the grocery alone.
...Bought a spider-man shirt for Liam for really cheap. He was so excited about the fact he has a new spider-man shirt that he could put on himself. A little celebration present for his new found love of changing himself. He promptly put on his whole spider-man costume as well.
...Played with the kids outside while they played in the mud, without worrying about them ruining their clothes, shoes and our house when they came in. They had a complete blast and stayed out until it was too dark to see anymore.
...I worked on a big project I am in the middle of.
...Hugged my babies extra tight after reading a sad story on a blog that I found while working on said project.
...Tried to eat dinner as Brielle climbed all over me and tried to eat my food off my fork.
...Let Liam stay up despite how tired he was, to play with my siblings, since it is Friday night. He crashed as soon as he got into bed around 8:15.
...Went in to help Brielle after she had been babbling and playing in her bed 30 mins after I put her to bed.
She hugged me as tightly as she could, "kissing" my check and telling me "hi" in her sweetest voice for 10 straight minutes. Her long loving gazes into my eyes as she touched my cheek made my heart stop. 
...Hubby went to the store and bought me some of my favorite treats which I ate while I watched Downton Abbey and baby girl did her nightly "exercise routine" (what I call her crazy amount of moving and sticking appendages out super far every night around 9/10)
Showing me his muscles

Today was just today. Just a normal day.
 But such a wonderful day
One of those normal days I will long to go back to when my babies aren't babies anymore.

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  1. I know I stink at commenting, but I always love read your blog! Thank you for always having an awesome outlook on life. You kids have such a sweet momma so they can't help but be wonderful.


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