Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tumblin boy

Today was Liam's first gymnastics class
and the entire time, he had the biggest smile 

He was in little boy heaven running, jumping, doing somersaults, hanging on the bar, walking on the balance beam, bouncing...everything. 
We basically had to drag him out of there 15 minutes after the class ended.

He had so much fun and was such a natural.
I know he is only 3, but really, he has a natural "knack" for gymnastics.
He went up to the bars and on his own started doing all these tricks without anyone showing him what to do

We were all pretty impressed! 
He had so much fun
and I know where we will be next Tuesday.

...yes, I am the mom that documents every moment of my childs life...

I have so much to blog about, and I am really behind. Soon I plan to sit down and get caught up, that is if I can find time. Life is pretty dang busy. Wonderful, but full of other good things.

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