Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I will love you forever. But...

Will you love me forever?
Will you love me forever, like I will love you forever?
Unconditionally and overwhelmingly?

I know you won't need me like you do now.
You won't need me to be there as soon as you wake up
and right before you go to bed.
I know you won't need me to dress you, bathe you and cook your food.
You will soon be able to meet people without having to have me right next to you, holding your hand.
You won't need me to kiss your owie's better, cuddle with you when you are sick or tired.

You won't want to tell me every single thing, all your stories and every small thing that you are excited about.
I know you won't always whisper " I really love you mom, with all my heart" throughout the day.
There might even be a time that I am not your best friend.
You won't cry at my legs when you are scared or hungry.
And at bedtime, you won't try to think of any reason to keep me there because you don't want me to leave.

You won't run to me wanting me to cuddle you when anything bad, scary or hurtful thing happens.
Exploring the world and experiencing everything together won't be your first priority.
I know you won't always play with my hair when you are tired.
I know that being around me won't always be magical and healing.
There will be a time that seeing me after I have been gone for a little while, won't be the absolute highlight of your day.

You won't always cry for me in the middle of the night if you are cold, scared or after a bad dream.
And you won't hug and kiss me out of nowhere.
I know that I won't always be the center of your universe.
I know, that one day, all of this will end.
You will become independent, and my role will change, shift and morph into something entirely different.

I know that is inevitable, and while it will break my heart for these things to cease, I know that is right. 

But, please, please, pretty please,
love me forever.

Because dear babies, I will love you forever and always.

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