Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just the swift kick I need

Is there such a thing as bloggers block?
Cause if so, I got it. Bad.
Not because my kids aren't doing cute things, I haven't inspiring or hard moments I want to write about. Sure time has been severely limited, but what's new. I could blame it on some crazy outside forces that have been making life...interesting...for us lately (our family is totally fine no worries.). Maybe later I will blog about it, because it's quite a story.
Whatever it was, bloggers block is a good description. 

I still really want to get back on to the wagon with my Project 365 and needed a swift kick in the pants to get back to it. 
Well, I found it.
I tried it before, but this time I will be better. Almost half-way through the month I have decided to do the "Photo A Day: June" on Instagram (come follow me!!). I will also be posting up other pictures I take during the day and writing about them, but if nothing else, I will have that to record our days and give me inspiration. 

So today is Day 13: ART
Liam drew this picture today and when I asked him what it was he said:
"it's my Daddy"
We hung it on the front of the door to welcome Richard home for the night from campus. 
Hanging pictures Liam draws on the door for Richard has become a fun tradition. 

Some other cute pictures from my phone from today: 
it's summertime: eating watermelon for dinner
My handsome handsome boy
So I am back.
Project 365 is back.
I am done neglecting.

(does anyone read this anymore? I think I hear crickets chirping...)

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