Monday, June 4, 2012

His little boy heaven.

I have said it before, but Liam loves any support that involves a ball.
Saturday my brother-in-law was having a baseball game and as soon as the kids woke up from naps
we whisked them out of bed, slathered on sunscreen and jumped into the car so Liam could watch his first baseball game.
He was in heaven. He brought his own ball and held it the whole time.
He was enthralled watching them throw and hit the ball.

As soon as the game ended he ran as fast as he could on to the field.
Here are the comments I heard at the same time as he ran out there from the young college kids watching:
"awww! That is so cute!"
"I want a little human"
"I am so jealous of her with her cute kids!"
"look at that cute little boy"
i felt famous. My kid was the cute one everyone was laughing at the whole time.

Watching him run around with a perma-smile of pure joy and being so enthralled with everything that was going on on that field
It was one of those proud mommy moments that make your tummy turn with happiness.
I love watching him have so much fun like that.
I have a strong feeling that we will be sitting through many games in the future where Liam will be playing.

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