Friday, June 29, 2012


Today was the definition of a perfect summer day.
Spent outside in the water, sun, playing and enjoying the weather.

We started at the park, played on the play structure and then headed over to chase and harrass play with the ducks
On our way to feed the ducks. Brielle was strapped on me
in the Baby Bjorn and Liam was in the stroller...
 Then we played inside taking a little break from the sun and put Brielle down for one of her naps
Liam got a present from a dear family friend in the mail and LOVES it

Then Richard watched Brielle (he is working on secondary applications he is already being sent by medical schools who are just getting his application aka: things are going great on that front) while Liam and I went to the splash park
(wow sorry for longest sentence ever)
First bites of cotton candy. He was a fan
He had so much fun! Look at that face of pure happiness :)

So a day spent completely in the sun,
No nap (he is starting to not need naps...but it means early bedtime so I am not complaining),
Running and playing all day
Makes a tired tired little boy.
...hahaha! We came home and I put a little something on for him while I made dinner and when I looked over I saw that scene. He couldn't keep his eyes open and kept falling asleep. I have never seen him like that. He was one worn out little man.

I love summer days playing.
And today was the epitome of a great summer day.

(all pictures taken on my phone)


  1. HAHAHA! I love that last shot: ) Priceless! Miss you guys so much. Wish we were there to enjoy some sun and fun together!

  2. haha This is great! Ethan had that same look on his face today! How us Mommy's love a good summer day!


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