Friday, June 22, 2012

So I dont forget.

Saturday was one of those days that memories are made of.
One of those perfect, beautiful summer day spent outside with my favorite people ever.
One of those days I hope I never forget.

I hope I never forget...
...How wonderful it was that Richard let me sleep in
...How excited Richard and I were to take Liam to his first air show, considering how much he is obsessed with airplanes
...How much fun the airshow was with all the planes doing such neat, astounding tricks
...How overloaded Liam was by all the neat airplanes and cars (little boy heaven #2)
...How much Liam loved the band that played swing music and how cute he was when he was dancing to it
...How cute Brielle was while she danced to the same music
...How excited Liam was to sit in an airplane just his size
...How tired the kids were when we got to the car to head home (we stayed an hour into their nap because it was so neat we didn't want to leave)
...How they both fell asleep for their naps minutes after getting home allowing Richard and I to take a 2 hour nap ourselves 

I hope I never forget...
...How excited Liam was when we told him as soon as he woke up that we were going to have dinner over a fire (he had been talking about fire for a couple days before)
...How funny it was to watch Richard cut the wood with his...tool... (I will leave it at that so he isn't embarrassed...)
...How enthralled Liam was while watching Richard make the fire
...How Liam was scared of the fire as soon as we made it and wouldn't come near it
...How much Brielle loved eating cheese puffs and pieces of my hot dog bun
...How terrified and worried Liam was when we roasted marshmallows (funny story about that later)
...How cute Brielle was
...How much fun we had on our first family fire roast

funny story time  (in Richards words)
"McKenna and I took Liam to roast marshmallows at the Park for dinner. After Liam watched one marshmallow catch fire and melt, he looked distrubed, then said "marshmellow sad!" at which point he grabbed my marshmallow stick (with the attached marshmellow) and the bag of marshmallows and ran off to save them. I wasnt allowed to roast any more marshmallows.

saving the poor marshmallows from burning
After liking the stick he said "those are GOOD" and...
proceeded to eat as many as he could before we left.
She has him wrapped around her little finger more than any daughter I have seen

Like I said.
Perfect day. The entire day. One of my favorites.
Full of making wonderful memories that I hope I never forget.
I hope the summer has many many perfect days in store for us.

p.s. I have been doing the June Photo Challenge everyday. There are some fun pictures and confessions ;) I will have to post them soon but know I have been doing it everyday. You can check it out on my instagram page, but apparently you have to have an instagram account to see them. 

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