Saturday, June 23, 2012

Her first fountain

One thing I have always been so excited about having a girl, is little girl pony tails and other fun hairdos. Brielle's hair has been blonde, wispy and cute since she was born but we realized the other day it looked possibly long enough to put in a fountain (my families "special" way of saying: a ponytail on top of a little girls head). So we tried it and my heart almost burst from excessive cuteness
So beware. 
up close and personal :)
I love her scrunchy face smile!
Lounging on her "meow" 
Side view after we put a bow on her little fountain
Gosh dang I love her wispy blonde hair!!!
It's one of my favorite things. ever.
It makes me crazy it's so cute! I love playing with it and I can't wait to really be able to go legit fountains soon!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the super cute pictures of Brielle! Those eyes are amazing!
    Can't wait to kiss those cheeks.


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