Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 14: Time

Day 14: Time

So yesterday's photo challenge for June was Time. Ironically, I read this quote on pinterest while I was eating my breakfast and I decided to take it as a challenge for my day. Let everything else wait while I spent the time with my kiddos, loving them and doing what they wanted to do. 

So we...
(Official June Challenge picture)
...took the time to make duck faces before naps 
(Liam thought that was the funniest thing. we have about 20 similar looking duck face pictures)

...Blew huge dandelions and explored the field next to our house 

...cuddled with cute sister

...and took time to smile and be happy.

And it paid off.
Liam is always a good boy, love him. But since he is stuck inside a lot (we have no fenced back yard so when I have things to do, I don't feel comfortable letting him run around outside by himself because we live next to a big road), he  has been feeling cooped up and and acting up a little bit. Compound that with the fact his favorite best-friend-daddy is gone a lot. So taking the time yesterday to play with him, talk to him, listen to him, be silly with him, really made a difference. We had no power struggles and limited tantrums (which were only because he slept in and so didn't take a nap)
I am a believer.
Giving your time to your children is the best thing you can do for them. More than having a perfectly cleaned house, checking off all your to-do's or making a dinner fit for a restaurant.
So speaking of, it's time to go kiss my little boy and girl with beautiful blue eyes.

(All pictures taken with my phone)

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