Thursday, May 31, 2012

Enjoy it all

I found a quote on a blog that really spoke to me today.
This past couple days have been not so fun. Liam is getting sick again, Richard is burnt out from school and I have been having a hard time enjoying the last 2 months of our time here (I am getting antsy to have a bigger apartment/house with a backyard and washer and dryer...). Add to that, last night, we got a very little amount of sleep because of the little man getting sick.
And today Liam was especially whiny and difficult since he is getting sick.
So I have been having a hard time enjoying the moments, especially the little moments of our days.

But today, Richard came home from school especially happy and upbeat. Something made him realize how amazing it is that tomorrow, he will be applying to medical school and living his dream of being a doctor. The burnt out demeanor was gone and he was shining with happiness, realizing that the time he put into his classes was soon to pay off. 

So while "Come Fly With Me" by Michael Buble (we are HUGE fans of his) played loudly through our house while I was making home made pizza for dinner, Richard gave me a quick massage while I was rolling out the dough which quickly turned into us slow dancing. As we danced, I looked around at our little house. I saw a little boy sitting at the table eating his dinner, beaming with happiness while he watched his parents dance. I saw a little girl who was crawling all over the floor, bouncing her head (aka: dancing) to the music and giving me the BIGGEST scrunchy smile. I saw a husband who I adore & love more than anything and look up to more than anyone else, who is also my best friend and support. I saw a messy house that was evidence that my children played there today. I saw a life that I wouldn't change for anything, even on the days that are not so easy and feel extra long. Even when it isn't perfect, my heart still almost bursts with gratitude that my life is what it is. I stopped and enjoyed it all, even the small, but wonderful moments. And I am so glad I did. 
Because I love them with all my heart.

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