Friday, May 4, 2012

The date we never had

May 3rd
 7 years ago yesterday
Finally after a year of wishing and hoping he would ask me on a date, it finally happened.
Realizing that he was everything I thought he was and more
Plus the best friend I had always been looking for
is a moment in my life I will never forget.

On the way home from our date that night,
 Richard mentioned that he wanted to go on another date with me.
So outrageously excited, I stammered back that my Dad's birthday was the next day (May 4th) and I would be busy doing family stuff. So we planned a date for that weekend. 
But from the 5th (we actually hung out before our planned date for the 6th...we couldn't stay apart even then) until we got married 6 months later, 
we spent every day together either hanging out or on dates.
So May 4th was the only day that we didn't go on a date or spend time together.

Today, May 4th
7 years later
on our way to Winco, Richard mentioned that he had a special surprise.
He had a date all planned with a babysitter ready to watch our kids as soon as we got home (!!!!!!)
He wanted to take me on the date we never had.
I haven't stopped swooning over my boy all night.

hey no judging. I am growing out my hair so it's all natural. Yes horrible roots I know...
We were both laughing really hard at an inside joke which is why we are smiling weird
He's my best friend.
7 years later and I still have it bad for this boy.
But can you blame me?

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  1. Awesome! What roots!? I usually don't comment on people's blogs ever just read anything and everything. Cute story.


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