Wednesday, May 30, 2012

His and her heart-attacks

This is the last semester of Richards under graduate work. Can I hear a collective sigh? Basically, I can't convey how happy we are. It's almost mid-terms. 52 more days until it's done.
He is so burnt out (going year round for 5 years and getting a basically double major can do that to a man) and overwhelmed right now. Poor guy. But, all things considered, I am so proud of how hard he is working for us! I am so glad I married such a hardworking man with such ambition!

So Liam and I took the opportunity to tell him how much we love him during our craft time this morning while Brielle was napping. So we heart attacked him!! 
We ran out of tape a couple days ago so we had to use some of Liams stickers to make it stick to the door :)
I traced Liams hand (on the right) and he tried to trace my hand (green marks on the left) 

He liked it.
Even though with the wind and stickers that aren't sticky enough, the wind had blown most of it down when he came home from school, so it was all over the stairs.
But he got the idea, and after we stuck it back up again, he loved it even more.
Liam loves it too. He thinks it's Richards birthday and every time he sees it, he says
"Happy day Dad!"
(translation: Happy birthday Dad)

But that is not all.
When we were at the store getting stuff for dinner, Richard told me to go to the car because he had been planning to buy me a surprise all day. When we got home he surprised me with a beautiful red rose, my favorite drink and favorite candy bar (milky way). I didn't get a chance to enjoy it though because as soon as dinner was ready I ran with some friends to Zumba. When I got back I saw this on the door: 
He had a sweet letter from Liam and himself. So sweet.

So sweet. So so sweet of him. 
It was fun to be able to do things back and forth for each other, making the other feel loved.
Looks like it's my turn next ;)

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